N Blog (2012-03-16 11:15:51) – ‘”Su-ndere – Second Half-“‘

Original Entry
(2012-03-16 11:15:51)

Before my eyes,

I saw a tuna sushi topping….

Tuna with onion leaves??

Suuchan had this


And asked if I saw her
“Su-deredere Smile”

–10 minutes later–

I said, “Suuchan… Did you eat your tuna with onion sushi?”

Suuchan was silent.

(It was no good.)

“Nacchi-san…” she said.


Suuchan said, “Thank you.

I ate the tuna and onion sushi!

Sorry I seemed so aloof earlier.”


It’s coming…

That deredere smile!

I decided

“It’s good that Suuchan had the tuna with onion sushi.”

It’s good, right?

That’s all.


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