N Blog (2012-04-24 11:32:45) – ‘Ahhhh ℃¥$&*#%(´;ω;`)’

Original Entry
(2012-04-24 11:32:45)


There was something shocking today…

No… It’s more than shocking…

I couldn’t find my earphones

When I went to listen to music,

And when I cleaned my room…

Hmm? My earphones…


I found my earphones!

I was so happy I went to hug them,

And when I picked them up


They were

Totally broken.

They were bitten. (`・д・´)

That’s that…

That kitten…

Kurumi got them.

But she’s so cute…

It’s simple.

N-san is delicate.

The kitten bit and tormented them every day.

Those earphones were perfect.

The cat got them,
But she’s not an adult yet.

I’ll hear your opinions…

Is it okay? I’m nervous.

this afternoon, I have Hiruobi!


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