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N Blog (2012-04-12 01:10:09) – ‘☆ Hiroshima ☆’
April 11, 2012

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(2012-04-12 01:10:09)

The tour

Is in Hiroshima ☆〃

It’s over!

It was the first day, and I was nervous… But it was really fun!

Tomorrow is Osaka. I can do it!!



N Blog (2012-04-08 21:12:56) – ‘My new family has increased ☆〃’
April 8, 2012

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(2012-04-08 21:12:56)

Everyone (*ノωノ)

I brought a new family member home.

A calico cat named “Kurumi.”

Her birthday is 3/3.

Shes a cute, one-month-old baby. (*ノωノ)

I love her so much.

N-Neko. (Laughs)


Everyone, this is Kurumi.


N Blog (2012-04-07 23:14:21) – ‘Handshake Gathering ☆〃’
April 7, 2012

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(2012-04-07 23:14:21)

It’s over!

After a long time, it was fun to have an event!

Thank you s o much to everyone who came.

Then there’s tomorrow. (*^ω^*)

Sorry for having so many worries in my head.

It’d be good to go to the doctor, but the tour is coming up, so I think I’ll just rest to cure myself.

I’ll go for it today!

N Blog (2012-04-07 13:54:16) – ‘The photo shoot is over!’
April 7, 2012

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(2012-04-07 13:54:16)

The photo shoot has ended! (*ノωノ)

They keep on coming!

I wore this flower outfit!

My hair is giving me good feelings.

Now I have the handshake event. (*ノωノ)

I’ll wait for everyone.


N Blog (2012-04-05 00:13:50) – ‘Solo Event (´;ω;`)’
April 5, 2012

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(2012-04-05 00:13:50)

It ended without incident.

I really thought about the contents of the hour a lot.

It was really fun and moving.

This time the main theme was that I sang to live music that was organized.

At the end I thought,

“I want to sing more!”

I sang five different songs today… and

The talk was fun.

The question corner was fun.

I was really, really happy with everyone.

I want to do it again!

Good night!

N Blog (2012-04-02 13:10:20) – ‘Hiruobi ☆〃’
April 1, 2012

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(2012-04-02 13:10:20)


For those of you who saw the show…

Today I got to be on Hiruobi! (*ノωノ)

The five of us got to do

The weather segment:






I was nervous… I’ll work hard on it!


With the change of weather

At the start of April,

I cut off 20 cm

Of my hair! (*ノωノ)

New hair.

Do you like it?