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(2012-05-11 15:25:10)

Hiruobi is over.

Did you watch it?

Today I wore a sleeveless blouse that was really cute.

It’s spring-like.

The weather will be good this weekend.

Everyone can go out!

When doing weather on Hiruobi, I get to dress up like an older sister.

Recently Kurumi has really grown.

She’s quickly growing into being a real at.

Earlier she was just a few days old.

She’s so quiet and calm.

This way I think she’s becoming an adult, but I’m worried she is getting lonely.


She’s growing up.

It’s Mr. Children’s 20th anniversary… Everyone in my family really likes Mr. Children. (Especially my mother.)

At home we could watch a Mr. Children DVD every day…

That was when I liked the name


It’s from “Tenohira.”

So warm.

So I wanted to hear it on my iPod.

Someone had my headphones.


It was unreasonable for Kurumi to chew them. (Laughs)

Somewhere… are the earphones from my headphones.


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