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N Blog (2012-06-29 22:15:01) – ‘Splish Splash Performance ☆’
June 29, 2012

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(2012-06-29 22:15:01)

The show is over.


Milky performed! (^o^)

Milky can meet and have fun with Team B now.

She performed in everything. She really went for it.

When it was over, I was really moved.

Thank you!

Go Milky!

I’m really happy today.

I’ll go for it


N Blog (2012-06-28 22:18:53) – ‘Ahh, It’s over. (–;)’
June 28, 2012

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(2012-06-28 22:18:53)

The photo shoot is over.


I feel accomplished!

But my feet… (>.<)y-~

I'll really go for it today, but on the way, I'll really watch myself.

By the way, I got up at five for the shoot, so I'm tired. (((・・;)

I'll go to sleep…

I can't do my make-up.

I'll lie down now.



Good night!

N Blog (2012-06-27 23:41:01) – ‘Hiruobi Costume Introduction’
June 28, 2012

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(2012-06-27 23:41:01)

Today for my costume on Hiruobi,

I’m wearing a dress!

It’s my dream to wear this one. I love it.

Does it suit me?

The weather was over,

And the staff at Hiruobi got me a present.

It was so sudden!

Thank you very much!

I’m very happy with it.

I’ll really go for it after this.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot.

I’ll wake up early. (>.<)y-~

So I'll sleep now.


Thanks for today!

Sleep well!

N Blog (2012-06-27 09:47:39) – ‘Good Morning☆〃’
June 28, 2012

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(2012-06-27 09:47:39)

Good morning!

Today I have Hiruobi!!

I woke up early, and Kurumi was behaving like a spoiled kid!

I always hear her meow.

Want to be brushed?






That’s what I hear.

Being carried
Those words are ones Kurumi can distinguish.

She’s still working on being brushed.

She can really run, though.

And she can really make a box of tissues into splendid art.

I recently bought five new bags of rice, and I later found them all over the carpet.

If I wear a long dress, she’ll chase the fluttering cuff of it.


I really do love Kurumi.

As always, thanks, Kurumi.

Love you!

Now to Hiruobi!

Let’s go!

N Blog (2012-06-26 11:37:43) – ‘Hello’
June 26, 2012

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(2012-06-26 11:37:43)


It’s Nacchi! (>.<)y-~

Today I have a photo shoot!

It's sunny out. (^o^)

Great weather for photos!

(But I guess they'll be indoors anyway…)

Oh well!!

Soon I'm going to the cafe to get some stuff.

It'll just take 10 minutes.

Maybe I'll get iced tea.

Well then, I’ll hurry to the cafe.

Please support me, everyone!

I’m off!

N Blog (2012-06-25 22:16:39) – ‘Difficult…’
June 25, 2012

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(2012-06-25 22:16:39)

The show is over. (^o^)

My birthday is coming.

It’s really great!

I tried taking
A picture…

But I’m not used to my new phone yet.

It was blurry…

But after great pains

I got a great one! (((^_^;)

I’m relieved.

My new phone is really difficult…


I have a photoshoot!

So I’ll have to wake up early

And really go for it tomorrow! (^o^)



N Blog (2012-06-25 12:14:50) – ‘Cell Phone-chan ☆’
June 25, 2012

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(2012-06-25 12:14:50)

Good day (^o^)

Please listen.

My cell phone broke!!

I think I’ll have to get a new, different one…

I’ve used this one since 2007.

That’s five years. Isn’t that amazing? (Laughs)

I take care of things pretty well.

I’m good at that. (Laughs)

I have a show today. (>.<)y It'll be fun!

And just one week until I turn 22!



N Blog (2012-06-22 18:00:49) – ‘Hiruobi Clothing Introduction ☆〃’
June 22, 2012

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(2012-06-22 18:00:49)

Hey (*ノωノ)


I’m wearing

Marblee again! (*ノωノ)

It’s a tight dress
And a lace blouse.


I was so nervous!!

I’m so happy I get to wear cute clothes every time.

Thank you, everyone!

I still have some way to go

I’ll get to it!!

N Blog (2012-06-22 09:47:12) – ‘Chiyuu… (∪o∪)’
June 21, 2012

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(2012-06-22 09:47:12)

Good morning. (*゜ー゜)v

Today I have Hiruobi.

It has been a long time since I last did it!!

Wish me luck!

And it rained this morning. (´;ω;`)

Do you have an umbrella carrier??


I’m going to make pasta and gyoza. (*ノωノ)

The pasta is good!

The gyoza is…




That sinking feeling.

And a story that’s kind of unknown about the tour. (*ノωノ)

During Heavy Rotation, I’m paired with Suuchan.

Yes, It’s great.


It’s so cute.

N Blog (2012-06-20 22:01:07) – ‘Tour in Gunma ☆〃’
June 20, 2012

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(2012-06-20 22:01:07)

Tour in Gunma
It has finished without trouble.

I got to see fans’ faces,

And they made an N out of penlights!


With their

Name boards…

Thank you so much for doing that!

Thanks for coming.

Tomorrow I’ll get to

Go to sleep in Tokyo.

Good night! (*ノωノ)