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(2012-07-01 23:34:18)


Thank you for the lovely birthday celebration today!


It’s N and Kurumi.

Every year I look forward to it…

I really do love it this year.

The birthday colors were amazing. I’m really thankful for them this year.

The encore call

“N-Nacchi” made me really happy.

And Noro-san sent me a letter.

I’m realy thankful.

Noro-san will be my eternal partner.

Noro really gave me some great advice.

I want to meet with her! (>..<)y-

It's all so amazing. I'm happy.

Compared to the other members,
I'm a little bit slower paced.
They always wait on me,
And I'm really very sorry…
I can't give up.
I will keep going with all my power.
Little by little,
I might be able to return everyone's favors.

And thank you for so many comments!

I'm so happy for today.

All of these things…

I'll go for it tomorrow!

I love you all.

Meeting everyone has been a miracle.

It sounds like I'm exaggerating,

But it's great to be in the same place with you all.

From the same countries and from different countries,
From all the prefectures,
Men and women,

Everyone meets for me.
Having everyone's support is just amazing.

I really treasure everyone.

This time makes me really, really happy.

Today I'm seeing a good dream.

And for my mother and father,

For birthing me,
For raising me,
For encouraging me,
For scolding me,
For being there for me,

Thank you.

The two of you have brought me into the world.

Meeting these people,

I've learned about love.

And marriage.

And since I was born,

I've had my kind older brother,

And my friendly sister.

I have to thank these

Five people

For creating the Sato house.

After this, we'll keep heading towards our goals.

Thank you so much,


Go to sleep.

Love you all!


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