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N Blog (2012-08-30 19:33:45) – ‘Hiruobi Outfit Introduction ☆’
August 30, 2012

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(2012-08-30 19:33:45)

Here! This is what I wore for Hiruobi! (^-^)

Today is
A bouse by Resse Passe
A skirt by Shushu.

It’s a unique tight skirt.

It looks adult.
It’s my favorite! (^-^)/

I’ll go for it tomorrow!!


How is everyone??

N Blog (2012-08-28 11:35:33) – ‘Hiruobi Costume Introduction ☆〃’
August 28, 2012

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(2012-08-28 11:35:33)


This is what I wore on Hiruobi yesterday.

Yesterday’s top and bottoms were Marblee. (*^^*)

I liked how adult-like it looked.

Tomorrow I have Hiruobi too.

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor to get eye drops to help my eyes.

Are they a bit better?

My eyes will work hard!

Today I had lunch with my mom and Riito.

The three of us hadn’t done that sort of thing in a long time.

It was fun.

N Blog (2012-08-26 22:38:23) – ‘Acchan.’
August 26, 2012

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(2012-08-26 22:38:23)

Congratulations on your graduation, Acchan.

I really couldn’t stop crying.

Acchan’s tearful, smiling face was dazzling.

After this, Acchan will constantly be on the go \(^o^)/

I like her a lot!

And Yuka came!

I was happy to stand on the same stage with her! \(^o^)/

Ahh, sorry for my gross eyes! (´-`).。oO

I hope they get better… (Sweats)

Tomorrow I do
The weather.

I’ll have to be
Careful with my eyes. -_-


These three days at Tokyo Dome.

It was a strong three days that went by in a blink of time.

Everyone could really see it.

We had a Tokyo Dome concert!

Thank you for the lovely three days.

After this, I’ll work hard, everyone!

I will persevere! \(^o^)/

N Blog (2012-08-25 07:41:56) – ‘8/24’
August 26, 2012

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(2012-08-25 07:41:56)

I’m sleepy and am going to get in the bath ( ; _ ; )/

My body is nice and tired and ready to go to bed.

Especially from yesterday.


1st and 2nd generation performed Dear My Teacher.
Plus 3rd generation came in to sing Doku RINGO wo tabesasete.

We did them all!

I was in the wings during Party ga Hajimaru yo.

It was great!

Tokyo Dome brings about such feelings.

And Team B performed

Shonichi and Team B Oshi.

The sense of unity and strength between all of us was amazing!

Really, a great feeling!

And in the encore, there was an announcement.

One-by-one, Team B members’ names would be called and we’d cry.

Mariyannu to Shanghai.

It’s strange. At once, all of my memories with her came back.

Mariyannu is really doing it… I think.

Harugon, Lovetan, and Akicha really surprised me.
I felt so sad.

I really experienced this new change in members.

When I switched from Team K to Team B, Team K’s members really were scattered, weren’t they?

With Team B came new juniors and more playfulness, and I brought out my true personality.

Immediately, I liked Team B.

With the timing of this shuffle,

My relationships have deepened.
Is that proof of our unity? I think so!

Akimoto wants a new AKB…

Perhaps with this new formation of AKB, I’ll really shine.

I think this new formation will give everyone a great chance!

I’ll go for it even more! (^-^)/

Anyhow, that’s it for today!

I’ll keep at it with all my strength!!

Second generation!

N Blog (2012-08-24 07:23:21) – ‘Explosion!’
August 23, 2012

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(2012-08-24 07:23:21)

I went on stage with takoyaki!! (#^.^#)

Everyone is in my heart!

I’m a missing member!

Everyone is aiming on Tokyo Dome! (#^.^#)

You’ve entrusted me with a lot!

I’ll work hard at practice!

With all my strength!

I’ll go for it with all my strength! Don’t worry about me!

I’m here! (#^.^#)

N Blog (2012-08-24 00:15:20) – ‘2012/08/24’
August 23, 2012

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(2012-08-24 00:15:20)

Finally, tomorrow is the Tokyo Dome concert!

I think I want to write about my feelings of performing there!!

I was in elementary school when my mom took me there for a concert.
It was SPEED’s Tokyo Dome concert.

It was overwhelming. So many fans for just four people.

It was a wonder anyone had room to breathe.

I think that is how

I started to dream of being in show business.

AKB48’s goal
Is Tokyo Dome.

That’s why I decided to be part of AKB.

Honestly, it feels really far away.
Tokyo Dome has always felt impossible.

The journey has been long.

But dreams come true.
Miracles sometimes happen.
I’m nervous and anxious,
But I want to just enjoy myself.

I have a lot of feelings.

Since the start of the second generation of AKB,
I have never stood out as a member.

I’ve thought and talked about it
And what it means to me.

Tokyo Dome is

Really, a big dream,

So I’m very happy.

I have wanted to perform there so many times.

Perhaps I’ll discover something


It’s such a big place
With so many people.


I’ll stand on the stage at Tokyo Dome.

I’ve always wanted that experience!

I’m too nervous to sleep.

From tomorrow, for three days,

I’ll really go for it and give you the best concert!

N Blog (2012-08-23 11:57:36) – ‘Small 2-Shot Festival ☆’
August 23, 2012

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(2012-08-23 11:57:36)

I’ll respond to a lot of requests o(^▽^)o

Eight 2-shot.


Kurumi 2-shot.

They’re such cute cats.

Today they’re energetic enough to play.

I’ll go for it today!!

And tomorrow…

My chest is really hot!

N Blog (2012-08-21 23:49:29) – ‘Introduction ☆’
August 23, 2012

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(2012-08-21 23:49:29)

Thank you!

Today I had a show.


It was the first in a while!! \(//∇//)\

It was nice to have a voice for the high five.


Today I’ll respond to a request… ☆

A civilian clothes introduction

Today is

A top by SLY
Jeans by Bershka
Sandals by Moussy


The jeans are my favorite! I love the damaged style.

It’s always surprising with foreign brands’ sizing.

But I really recommend simple designs.

Oh, a comment return!



Your sister
At first, I thought the picture you posted was your sister!

Nacchi, you should play with Myao!

– Haha! That’s me! (#^.^#)
Ah! Myao and I do hang out!

Here we are playing!

Thank you all
For today!

Soon it’ll be tomorrow.

Go to sleep everyone!


N Blog (2012-08-21 00:03:05) – ‘Riito♪’
August 23, 2012

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(2012-08-21 00:03:05)

Today I had a date
With my older sister.

It was lunch. \(^o^)/

We talked
Just as sisters do \(^o^)/


She dropped by for a visit too.

Eight wouldn’t look at the camera.

I’m used to it. (#^.^#)

She was surprised by how much Kurumi grew.

I’m proud of my cats. (^-^)

And at night we went to the super market.

We bought meat at the butcher’s… (^-^)

We had a sukiyaki party.

We talked and ate and had fun.

It was a good meeting.

I’ll go to sleep for tomorrow. (#^.^#)

Good night everyone.

Recently my iPhone’s
Battery doesn’t like me.


N Blog (2012-08-18 10:36:36) – ‘Comment Return ☆’
August 23, 2012

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(2012-08-18 10:36:36)

I’ll do a comment return (#^.^#)


Masu-san from Chiba asks me:

Did you like being on camera for the drama?

☆ I loved the camera! Now that I have a computer with programs for it, I want to get a camera to make full-blown videos! (#^.^#)


It’s my first comment.
I love Nacchi.
I’m a fan.
At a handshake event, can I tell you a story?
Nacchi is cute.

☆Thank you (^-^)
Stories at handshake events are great.
You can also ask questions. (#^.^#)
I want to meet you, Minapon!


How are you doing? (_ _)

☆I’m doing okay!
My throat still hurts… (Laughs)

I will fight against it!


I watch Hiruobi.
Over summer vacation, I watched it
In real time. (*^ω^*)
I love comment returns. ☆
Nacchi, what shampoo do you use
That makes your hair so silky?

☆ The scent of shampoo is important – I use Herbal Essence’s Essentials.
I also use hair oil and a treatment spray.

Japanese Defence Force Member-san

Nacchi, you’re pretty ヽ(*´▽)ノ♪ You’re also my favorite. (^^)

Last year, 4 days after my birthday, you did a comment return. (Laughs) (`ー´ゞ-☆

☆ Happy Birthday!
After this, I’ll pray for you.
Have a great day!


Nacchi, you have such good style!
I have always wanted that. o(^-^)o
What brands do you like?
I want to wear them! ☆

☆ Thank you! ☆
Recently for brands,
I like Armani. They have some great clothes in their line. (#^.^#)
I want their sandals.



That’s done!

The weather looks delicate. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

I’ll go for it! (#^.^#)