N Blog (2012-08-07 14:05:50) – ‘My Treasures Increase’

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(2012-08-07 14:05:50)


Today I finished an experiment during my lessons!

It was long. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

One day,
One day in school hours
I very long. (Laughs)

It’s so intense to wake up every day at 5 AM to get ready.

That’s what I think.

Being human is tough.

I’m really living alone.
People always say it’s hard to live by yourself.

It’s good to meet teachers.
It’s good to meet seniors.
It’s good to meet classmates!


Is really good to me.

I’m happy every day.

My final thoughts are that
This experience makes me cry, but tests my patience.

Later I’ll say that I cried the whole, time, but it’s good to look back on it that way.

Taking these lessons is great.

I am very fortunate!
I get the chance ot go to school
And meet all of these people and have these experiences.
I treasure it all.

This is
Some blood we separated in a centrifuge.

Just by the way.

It was cool!

It was fun to use a pipette. (´-`).。oO

I’ll always remember it.

You should try it!


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