N Blog (2012-08-18 10:36:36) – ‘Comment Return ☆’

Original Entry
(2012-08-18 10:36:36)

I’ll do a comment return (#^.^#)


Masu-san from Chiba asks me:

Did you like being on camera for the drama?

☆ I loved the camera! Now that I have a computer with programs for it, I want to get a camera to make full-blown videos! (#^.^#)


It’s my first comment.
I love Nacchi.
I’m a fan.
At a handshake event, can I tell you a story?
Nacchi is cute.

☆Thank you (^-^)
Stories at handshake events are great.
You can also ask questions. (#^.^#)
I want to meet you, Minapon!


How are you doing? (_ _)

☆I’m doing okay!
My throat still hurts… (Laughs)

I will fight against it!


I watch Hiruobi.
Over summer vacation, I watched it
In real time. (*^ω^*)
I love comment returns. ☆
Nacchi, what shampoo do you use
That makes your hair so silky?

☆ The scent of shampoo is important – I use Herbal Essence’s Essentials.
I also use hair oil and a treatment spray.

Japanese Defence Force Member-san

Nacchi, you’re pretty ヽ(*´▽)ノ♪ You’re also my favorite. (^^)

Last year, 4 days after my birthday, you did a comment return. (Laughs) (`ー´ゞ-☆

☆ Happy Birthday!
After this, I’ll pray for you.
Have a great day!


Nacchi, you have such good style!
I have always wanted that. o(^-^)o
What brands do you like?
I want to wear them! ☆

☆ Thank you! ☆
Recently for brands,
I like Armani. They have some great clothes in their line. (#^.^#)
I want their sandals.



That’s done!

The weather looks delicate. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

I’ll go for it! (#^.^#)


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