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Finally, tomorrow is the Tokyo Dome concert!

I think I want to write about my feelings of performing there!!

I was in elementary school when my mom took me there for a concert.
It was SPEED’s Tokyo Dome concert.

It was overwhelming. So many fans for just four people.

It was a wonder anyone had room to breathe.

I think that is how

I started to dream of being in show business.

AKB48’s goal
Is Tokyo Dome.

That’s why I decided to be part of AKB.

Honestly, it feels really far away.
Tokyo Dome has always felt impossible.

The journey has been long.

But dreams come true.
Miracles sometimes happen.
I’m nervous and anxious,
But I want to just enjoy myself.

I have a lot of feelings.

Since the start of the second generation of AKB,
I have never stood out as a member.

I’ve thought and talked about it
And what it means to me.

Tokyo Dome is

Really, a big dream,

So I’m very happy.

I have wanted to perform there so many times.

Perhaps I’ll discover something


It’s such a big place
With so many people.


I’ll stand on the stage at Tokyo Dome.

I’ve always wanted that experience!

I’m too nervous to sleep.

From tomorrow, for three days,

I’ll really go for it and give you the best concert!

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