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(2012-08-25 07:41:56)

I’m sleepy and am going to get in the bath ( ; _ ; )/

My body is nice and tired and ready to go to bed.

Especially from yesterday.


1st and 2nd generation performed Dear My Teacher.
Plus 3rd generation came in to sing Doku RINGO wo tabesasete.

We did them all!

I was in the wings during Party ga Hajimaru yo.

It was great!

Tokyo Dome brings about such feelings.

And Team B performed

Shonichi and Team B Oshi.

The sense of unity and strength between all of us was amazing!

Really, a great feeling!

And in the encore, there was an announcement.

One-by-one, Team B members’ names would be called and we’d cry.

Mariyannu to Shanghai.

It’s strange. At once, all of my memories with her came back.

Mariyannu is really doing it… I think.

Harugon, Lovetan, and Akicha really surprised me.
I felt so sad.

I really experienced this new change in members.

When I switched from Team K to Team B, Team K’s members really were scattered, weren’t they?

With Team B came new juniors and more playfulness, and I brought out my true personality.

Immediately, I liked Team B.

With the timing of this shuffle,

My relationships have deepened.
Is that proof of our unity? I think so!

Akimoto wants a new AKB…

Perhaps with this new formation of AKB, I’ll really shine.

I think this new formation will give everyone a great chance!

I’ll go for it even more! (^-^)/

Anyhow, that’s it for today!

I’ll keep at it with all my strength!!

Second generation!

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