N Blog (2012-08-26 22:38:23) – ‘Acchan.’

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(2012-08-26 22:38:23)

Congratulations on your graduation, Acchan.

I really couldn’t stop crying.

Acchan’s tearful, smiling face was dazzling.

After this, Acchan will constantly be on the go \(^o^)/

I like her a lot!

And Yuka came!

I was happy to stand on the same stage with her! \(^o^)/

Ahh, sorry for my gross eyes! (´-`).。oO

I hope they get better… (Sweats)

Tomorrow I do
The weather.

I’ll have to be
Careful with my eyes. -_-


These three days at Tokyo Dome.

It was a strong three days that went by in a blink of time.

Everyone could really see it.

We had a Tokyo Dome concert!

Thank you for the lovely three days.

After this, I’ll work hard, everyone!

I will persevere! \(^o^)/


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