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N Blog (2012-08-17 20:13:24) – ‘Hiruobi Clothing Introduction ☆’
August 19, 2012

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(2012-08-17 20:13:24)

Hiruobi Clothing Introduction (#^.^#)

The top is Resse Passe.

The bottoms are Maburi.


Recently I’ve worn a lot of shorts

In my daily life.

They make me look skinny.

Clothes are great!

I want to go shopping.

The radio show safely finished. (#^.^#)

It was fun.



Soon I’ll do a comment return.


N Blog (2012-08-14 09:37:17) – ‘It torments me every day’
August 19, 2012

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(2012-08-14 09:37:17)


Sorry it has been so long.

Recently I’ve been…

Suffering from stomatitus.

It’s pretty large,
So the recovery is taking a while.


At last,

I’m losing my voice.

And gulping

Is really painful.

I’ve already woken up early for four days because of it.

I hope it is cured soon.

My mouth.

Yeah… (Sigh)

It’s like this every day.

Eito and I sleep close together.

Hmm… He can sleep anywhere. (Laughs)

Kurumi sleeps on the third level of a four-level cat tower. \(//∇//)\

Eito really just eats and sleeps!

It’s what I thought!! (Laughs)

Today I’ll do the weather.

I’ll be in high spirits. \(//∇//)\

This might be a dull blog,
But please remember me! m(_ _)m

N Blog (2012-08-11 00:57:26) – ‘Performance ☆’
August 11, 2012

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(2012-08-11 00:57:26)

The show. (*^^*)

I went for it today, and it was really exciting!!

After a show,

I recommend taking a bath with cooling powder.




Got a present for Suuchan’s birthday.

I definitely

Picked it out carefully.

I was worried about her birthday.

My advice:

Support Suuchan!

N Blog (2012-08-10 13:09:47) – ‘8/8 Hiruobi Costume Introduction ☆’
August 11, 2012

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This is what I wore for Hiruobi. (*^^*)

The top is Resse Passe.

The bottoms are Misty Woman.

The flower pattern is cute.

It all matches my nails.

It’s great!!

My, my nails have really grown!

Today I have a show.

I’ll go for it!

Everyone, please support me!

N Blog (2012-08-07 23:52:59) – ‘I’m getting more family members. ☆〃’
August 7, 2012

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(2012-08-07 23:52:59)

My house is bringing in a new family member. (*^^*)

Its name is


It’s a two-month old boy.

From today, he’ll go by Eito.

Isn’t he cute!? Eito.

N Blog (2012-08-07 14:05:50) – ‘My Treasures Increase’
August 7, 2012

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(2012-08-07 14:05:50)


Today I finished an experiment during my lessons!

It was long. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

One day,
One day in school hours
I very long. (Laughs)

It’s so intense to wake up every day at 5 AM to get ready.

That’s what I think.

Being human is tough.

I’m really living alone.
People always say it’s hard to live by yourself.

It’s good to meet teachers.
It’s good to meet seniors.
It’s good to meet classmates!


Is really good to me.

I’m happy every day.

My final thoughts are that
This experience makes me cry, but tests my patience.

Later I’ll say that I cried the whole, time, but it’s good to look back on it that way.

Taking these lessons is great.

I am very fortunate!
I get the chance ot go to school
And meet all of these people and have these experiences.
I treasure it all.

This is
Some blood we separated in a centrifuge.

Just by the way.

It was cool!

It was fun to use a pipette. (´-`).。oO

I’ll always remember it.

You should try it!

N Blog (2012-08-07 00:17:27) – ‘Drama (*^^*)’
August 6, 2012

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(2012-08-07 00:17:27)

Senjou Parser Himuro Natsuko

Thank you for helping it happen!

It was my first time alone in a real drama!

It was good to see it finally on air!

Did everyone see it?

It was a chance to show off my acting.

I’ll go for it tomorrow. m(_ _)m

Go for it!

N Blog (2012-08-05 08:02:50) – ‘Fun Picture!’
August 5, 2012

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(2012-08-05 08:02:50)


Today we’ll go for it! (Laughs)

N Blog (2012-08-04 08:08:32) – ‘2012/08/04’
August 3, 2012

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(2012-08-04 08:08:32)


I got to school!

I’m sleepy.

It has been long… I’ve gone for it.



Has a power injection!

After a long time, I finally had breakfast. (laughs)

Breakfast is important.

It’s hot when the sun’s out,

So you have to be careful to not get heatstroke.

In a second, I’ll work on my paper.

It’s due tomorrow.

I’ll hurry!

N Blog (2012-08-03 11:57:00) – ‘To Masuda Yuka’
August 3, 2012

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(2012-08-03 11:57:00)

8/3 (*^^*)

Today is Yuttan’s birthday!


Happy birthday!

She’s 21!

She’s as old as me now!

It’s great.

She passed her audition and has her ticket o get back from Osaka.

I can’t wait to see her come back!

I took the same audition.

It was quite the experience. (Laughs)

It was fun!!

Yuka practices so much now.

She will be okay, I think.

I’ve spoken with her.

We should take advantage of our chances.
She’s making the most of her chance.

I think she’ll do everything in her power to make it. (*^^*)

21 is a great year.

Really, really: congrats!