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N Blog (2012-09-27 00:53:24) – ‘Catching a cold.’
September 27, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-27 00:53:24)

New nails.
I bought beige gel,
And I went for an ethnic look.
I put a bunch of stones on one-by-one on the middle finger.
My left hand is still not done…
The members praised me. Love.
The 48’s nails. I can do it!

Today my fever went down.
My headache is better.
I could do my show!

The medicine seems to have worked.

I’m a little cooler than my usual temperature, so I feel a bit frail. ( ; _ ; )/

I’ll be okay…

Yesterday was Hiruobi.
I changed.
Yesterday I had fallen down!

Done with all of my preparations, should I go to bed?

Good night.

I’m sorry for all of these dull blog entries…

N Blog (2012-09-25 17:35:16) – ‘Sutten Kororin.’
September 27, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-25 17:35:16)

After a while, I was walking down the street when something big fell.
It was like a tree fell into my face. (Laughs)
A scratch.
If the trees were dying, it’d be a serious injury.
I think I’d just be a cushion for them.
Ahh, I guess I was lucky when I pass through.

But things happening like yesterday and today are good, I think.
Generally it only happens once.
Falling is lovely! It’s serious, right? (Laughs)
It’s good to live happily.

Kurumi when she was small.
So cute and human-like. Now she’s so big.

Today is cold.
Has the season changed?
My throat hurt as I passed the hotel.
I might have a cold…
I woke up early today
And that’s what I thought.
I’ll get some medicine to calm it.

I got my nails done.
I went to the nail salon
Instead of doing them myself.
Did I get red ones? (Laughs)

I’ve cooled down. (;´Д`

N Blog (2012-09-22 19:42:30) – ‘Various Notices.’
September 24, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-22 19:42:30)

The circumstances of my throat have changed.
After a long time, my tonsils have are swollen. (・Д・)ノ
They’re massaged when I talk.

Last night I got back from Fukuoka.
I was fast asleep when going from the airplane to my home, despite trying to stay awake with all my efforts. (Laughs)
That happens.
Being on an airplane hurt my ears.
I was so nervous from going abroad,
That this hour-long flight wasn’t long.
I really did feel nervous.

I didn’t have both
My phone and my computer.
It was a miracle my contact address wasn’t lost.
After a while, I got data from my computer back.
I didn’t have any pictures.
I lost the pictures from the Janken tournament (;´Д`A
I don’t have the many pictures Nakayama-san and I took on location.
I’m sorry.

Today I found out that that filming will be aired on 9/28!

It will be shown on 9/28 from 19:30-20:43 on NHK.
Nakayama-san will be on it too.

After a while, I met with my dad!
Ahh, I went home. (Laughs)
I see my mom often,
But I hadn’t seen my dad since the new year.
It’s a long time.

I brought many presents.

I should go and sleep. (・Д・)

Which reminds me that I had a great meal today. (・Д・)ノ

After a long time, my mom cooked. It was good. (・Д・)ノ
My stomach rumbled.

N Blog (2012-09-21 13:20:13) – ‘Helping Hand’
September 21, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-21 13:20:13)

Yesterday I said I’d show my outfit on my blog.

And now I’ve posted my Hiruobi outfit.
Thank you.

The dress is by Secret Magic.

The beige color is lovely
And something I really wanted.
The silhouette of the dress is pretty.
Recently I’ve been wearing a lot of shorts,
But with Hiruobi’s sweet outfits,
I’ve wanted to wear more clothes.

Yesterday I went to Fukuoka.
Today I’m on location! Everyone is bright and busy.

Go for it today.
Everyone, fight!

N Blog (2012-09-20 18:53:54) – ‘Flying’
September 21, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-20 18:53:54)

I’m updating from my phone.
All of this data is flying. (Laughs)


I decided between my computer and my phone. m(_ _)m

Today, after Hiruobi was over,

I had a photo shoot.

And now I’m on a plane!

Ahh. I’ll show you today’s Hiruobi outfit.

When I’m done flying.

Do you want to see it?

Watch for it! m(_ _)m

N Blog (2012-09-20 01:22:58) – ‘One Day.’
September 19, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-20 01:22:58)

I have just too many thoughts.
The day just seemed to last forever.
I went to a golf driving range
To refresh myself.

This morning I stirred a lot early in my sleep.

But today I went and bought more gel. I’ll change my nails with my new yellow, blue, and black colors.

Everyone, go to sleep!

Good Night.

N Blog (2012-09-18 22:10:55) – ‘Janken.’
September 19, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-18 22:10:55)

The Janken tournament has finished.
Thank you so much for your support!

I won my first match,
But ended up losing my second match. (;▽;) I’m sorry. (Cries)

But Suuchan and I had a Sato Showdown. It was really fun!

Now, I hope everyone enjoyed it and talks about it.

N-Neko and Suu-Neko.

It’ll be on the Real Cam documentary.
I’m white.
Suuchan is black.
The two of us transformed.
We were the only two opponents to match each other.

It was a fun day.
Congrats Paruru!
Center! Go for it!
Also, Ucchi and Mariko are strong!

Thank you, everyone!

N Blog (2012-09-18 11:16:36) – ‘FLASH.’
September 18, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-18 11:16:36)

Today is when FLASH goes on sale.
Check for it.
You’ll see N-Nacchi in a uniform.

I’m in it for Waiting Girls.
The photo shoot was great!
It felt like a miracle.

I’ll go for it at the Janken Tournament!

N Blog (2012-09-18 01:50:06) – ‘Guests? Nails.’
September 18, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-18 01:50:06)

My first customer.

They look like mine.
Red gradations,
French tips.
Gold lame.

I individually placed the Swarovski crystals in a cross!

It’s pretty with the red.

The red is lovely in fall. It was skillfully picked!

After a long time, we chatted.

We should have done them earlier! It was an easy-going time!

Tomorrow is Janken.
I’ll persevere!

Dear Suuchan-neko and N-neko.

Suuchan will fight (Cries)
I know it! (Laughs)

N Blog (2012-09-17 14:53:31) – ‘Various.’
September 18, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-09-17 14:53:31)

Today I had radio recording
For Asion K-Pop.

Soon I want to go to Korea, but
With my schedule, it’s impossible.
It’s sad… (Cries)
But impossible.

Today, after a long time, I went and had fun in a 100-yen shop!
I went in for management stuff. (Laughs)
But Japanse 100-yen shops are different than foreign ones.
The items going overseas surprised me.
Is it reasonable that everyone likes them?
They really skillfully make things in 100-yen shops!
I always get stuff there. (Laughs)

I got sheepskin Uggs! They’re for this winter.
Every year, I’m troubled by what boots to put on…
Two of the pairs that member have have started to rip. (Laughs)

I’ll wear them in September and October when fall comes this year (Sweats)

When fall comes, I think I’ll wear them!
Ahh, that feeling.

My feet were fine for two hours.
Then hurt when I ran…
Kurumi’s gained weight.
Her stomach is low when she walks.
She’s gotten this way after a while. Do her calves work a lot when she walks?