N Blog (2012-09-16 00:50:22) – ‘It has gotten late… but NEW Nails!’

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(2012-09-16 00:50:22)

I began doing my nails

They’re all ones that show up in UV light…
They were surprisingly expensive!
They look really genuine.

Aren’t red and gold nails nice?

For the first time,
They really did go smoothly!

And soon I’ll be my best customer!

So now I’ll practice very hard!

The clear gel is a cheap, soft undercoating before I put on a harder layer on top. (・・)
That part was difficult and I was unsuccessful. (Sweats)

Someone who knows what they’re doing should teach me!!

I think!

The fingers were scary to do.
Why was there
A difference when doing the top and bottom?
But I liked doing them.
Always, thanks for your comments.

It’s a world wonder.
Ahh. A foreign feeling.
A reset and deep breaths are important.

Recently haven’t I said I liked pants?
Today I wore leggings and jeans.
And I bought five pairs. ☆
Why? (Laughs)
I wanted a lot of bottoms.
It’s natural.
It was time.

Tomorrow I have a show.
I’ll go for it for my 10 minutes!



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