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(2012-09-17 14:53:31)

Today I had radio recording
For Asion K-Pop.

Soon I want to go to Korea, but
With my schedule, it’s impossible.
It’s sad… (Cries)
But impossible.

Today, after a long time, I went and had fun in a 100-yen shop!
I went in for management stuff. (Laughs)
But Japanse 100-yen shops are different than foreign ones.
The items going overseas surprised me.
Is it reasonable that everyone likes them?
They really skillfully make things in 100-yen shops!
I always get stuff there. (Laughs)

I got sheepskin Uggs! They’re for this winter.
Every year, I’m troubled by what boots to put on…
Two of the pairs that member have have started to rip. (Laughs)

I’ll wear them in September and October when fall comes this year (Sweats)

When fall comes, I think I’ll wear them!
Ahh, that feeling.

My feet were fine for two hours.
Then hurt when I ran…
Kurumi’s gained weight.
Her stomach is low when she walks.
She’s gotten this way after a while. Do her calves work a lot when she walks?


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