N Blog (2012-09-22 19:42:30) – ‘Various Notices.’

Original Entry
(2012-09-22 19:42:30)

The circumstances of my throat have changed.
After a long time, my tonsils have are swollen. (・Д・)ノ
They’re massaged when I talk.

Last night I got back from Fukuoka.
I was fast asleep when going from the airplane to my home, despite trying to stay awake with all my efforts. (Laughs)
That happens.
Being on an airplane hurt my ears.
I was so nervous from going abroad,
That this hour-long flight wasn’t long.
I really did feel nervous.

I didn’t have both
My phone and my computer.
It was a miracle my contact address wasn’t lost.
After a while, I got data from my computer back.
I didn’t have any pictures.
I lost the pictures from the Janken tournament (;´Д`A
I don’t have the many pictures Nakayama-san and I took on location.
I’m sorry.

Today I found out that that filming will be aired on 9/28!

It will be shown on 9/28 from 19:30-20:43 on NHK.
Nakayama-san will be on it too.

After a while, I met with my dad!
Ahh, I went home. (Laughs)
I see my mom often,
But I hadn’t seen my dad since the new year.
It’s a long time.

I brought many presents.

I should go and sleep. (・Д・)

Which reminds me that I had a great meal today. (・Д・)ノ

After a long time, my mom cooked. It was good. (・Д・)ノ
My stomach rumbled.


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