N Blog (2012-09-25 17:35:16) – ‘Sutten Kororin.’

Original Entry
(2012-09-25 17:35:16)

After a while, I was walking down the street when something big fell.
It was like a tree fell into my face. (Laughs)
A scratch.
If the trees were dying, it’d be a serious injury.
I think I’d just be a cushion for them.
Ahh, I guess I was lucky when I pass through.

But things happening like yesterday and today are good, I think.
Generally it only happens once.
Falling is lovely! It’s serious, right? (Laughs)
It’s good to live happily.

Kurumi when she was small.
So cute and human-like. Now she’s so big.

Today is cold.
Has the season changed?
My throat hurt as I passed the hotel.
I might have a cold…
I woke up early today
And that’s what I thought.
I’ll get some medicine to calm it.

I got my nails done.
I went to the nail salon
Instead of doing them myself.
Did I get red ones? (Laughs)

I’ve cooled down. (;´Д`


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