N Blog (2012-09-27 14:28:10) – ‘Hiruobi Costume Introduction’

Original Entry
(2012-09-27 14:28:10)

Today my outfit
Is a dress by ISBIT.
It has watches on it.
The color is so fall-like.
Recently I’ve been cold,
So I wanted to wear a long-sleeved dress.

I was cleaning at home,
And I decided I had a lot of clothes.
It’s such an unreasonable plan.
I just have to many clothes! (・Д・)ノ
I’m not done with them,
But how much do I need?…

Recently I’ve liked eating chestnuts.
They’re really great to eat,
So I’ve had edamame too.

These legumes are unique when boiled.

And finally tomorrow is
Did I earn 4800 Yen disguised as a street musician? It’s a challenge.

Watch Gachire! (・Д・)


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