N Blog (2012-10-01 00:21:51) – ‘Good Night Update.’

Original Entry
(2012-10-01 00:21:51)


I fell asleep on the way there.
But when I got back, it was time for the bath!
It’s nice when bedtime comes so quickly.
I’m used to living alone, but it can still be hard.

My disguise.

Which reminds me,
Did you watch Gacchara?
I collected more than 4800 Yen as a street musician.
I’m very happy for getting that 15 minutes.
Very grateful.
Thank you so much.
I like the guitar, but I’m not good at it.
This was able to help my self-confidence.

Tomorrow is Masuda’s birthday.
I’ll have to get her something.
I’ll go
As a birthday committee member!
The responsibilities have piled up! ☆

Good night everyone.
Good night everyone.


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