N Blog (2012-10-04 14:26:58) – ‘Outfit, News, Comment Return’

Original Entry
(2012-10-04 14:26:58)

My Hiruobi outfit.
A ShuShu dress.
It’s very fall.
And the shoes are

Forever 21.
They’re burgundy and stylish.
I want them!

And news!
It’s on air on 10/8!
Please watch it!

I’ll be on the Hokkaido, Tohoku Team!

Please watch it!

Comment return!

Nacchi, Thank you!

Question: From now on, what songs and artists do you want to cover?

I love when you sing and play the guitar.

As a cover,
I would love to play Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” as a ballad.

Kamichima Safumi-san
How are you doing, Natsuki?
The other day I watched the Tokyo SP, and I have been your fan ever since.
From now on, please remember me.

It’s me who should thank you!
I’m glad you saw it.
And it’s me who should ask you to remember me!


Nacchi, what shampoo do you use?
Do you have any reasonable recommended shampoos?
Your hair always looks so smooth!
I have shoulder-length hair, and I don’t want it to hurt the color… (T^T)

Question (・∀・)

Nacchi, I think your hair
Is so silky! (^O^)/

Shampoo? Treatment?
How do you do it? (Laughs)

Teach me!

I just use shampoo and put it in.
It’s not too expensive, and very reasonable.
I always pick the scent.
I always try to get a good one. (#^.^#)


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