N Blog (2012-10-09 17:58:32) – ‘Hiruobi Costume Introduction’

Original Entry
(2012-10-09 17:58:32)

This is the best
Face lotion.
I learned about it when working with NMB’s make-up artist on how to cover sunburn.
It covers sunburn, acne, and dry skin.
I use the spray kind and always keep it in my make-up pouch. It’s so good!
It smells good!
I came upon this lotion at a chance a while ago. (#^.^#)

Now, my Hiruobi outfit.

It’s a Misty Woman dress.
The tight skirt also gives a mature woman vibe.
I really like it. I want it. I should by Misty Woman clothes!

Recently I’ve liked wearing
Slimmer clothes when going out of the house.
I’ve been getting more of it.
Soon I’ll go shopping again!

Today I was bouncy when I did the weather.
It was my hair color
I was worried it’d get too much attention since it was dark.
Ahh, fall is lovely.
This morning it was cool.


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