N Blog (2012-10-12 00:11:28) – ‘Thought. Think.’

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(2012-10-12 00:11:28)

Thank you.
This morning I came back to Tokyo from Fukuoka for a photoshoot. It finished just a while ago.
It was fun!
I was glad I got to talk to a few members.
I hit my foot getting into the bath!
I used an eye mask for some relief.
Recently my stomach and head and back have hurt and my ears feel funny.
My whining isn’t very good.
My lists have no bounds.
Well, to begin with,
My lists don’t start with bounds.
I test my patience
And my perseverance
To see how far’
I can make it.
Do others do the same?
Recently I’ve been fighting with that.
Myself? No, I’ve been fighting for myself.
It’s really very lonely.
It’s an isolated battle, but
Everyone has to do it.
Everyone’s the same in that way.
Saying this is all very selfish.
I’m really just aiming too high. That’s what I always do.
I have my reasons…
I think I have reasons at least,
I realize them when I really go for it. I may be a very weak person.
Recently I’ve passed my time
So in the shows, I’m really happy to meet with the fans and members, since I need to see them.
Afterwards, I think I feel much better.
I’ll make sure to do the rest of the shows really well. ( ´ ▽ ` )

I’ll go for it tomorrow!
Fukuoka! I’m going by plane.

Good night!


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