N Blog (2012-10-12 14:37:00) – ‘Youshi.’

Original Entry
(2012-10-12 14:37:00)

I went to Fukuoka. I’m doing the radio today!

Tomorrow I have a handshake event and two-shot event!

What clothes should I wear?

Anything is okay?

Well, I’m troubled.

Ahh ( ̄▽ ̄)

Here! I’ve been keeping this around my neck.
I can listen to music or hear my phone on it!
I can lie down and talk on the phone easily!
It really helps me sleep.

It’s time to put on my eye mask.

Stock up on them!

I will!

For lunch I had curry.

I want to go abroad. 。(´-`).。oO
Off to Fukuoka!


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