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Today we go to Sendai.
It’ll be fun.

A picture from the day before yesterday.

Machi-san did my make-up.
Machi-san is so good.

The members and I talked
About so many things.
Recently we’ve been talking a great deal about everything that is happening!

For a photo, I wore an outfit from a year ago, and I was surprised by how loose it was!
I felt bad about how it was last year. (Laughs)
Did the costume people hear about the 6 cm? I was stuffed in it!
As a matter of fact, since March, I’ve lost 7-8 kg.
I wonder how much that was in a year.
After age 20, do I need to concentrate on being thin?
I think about it a lot.
I eat lots of vegetables.
I drink hot soup. I eat and eat and eat lots of food.
It’s not totally unreasonable. And
My body’s change is amazing!
My body gets cold. Be careful.

Kurumi as a baby.

Recently I’ve been having minestrone soup for dinner.
It’s good.

Today is a day for Team B.


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