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N Blog (2012-11-30 16:38:58) – ‘Thank you for your support, everyone.’
December 17, 2012

Original Entry
(2012-11-30 16:38:58)

I’m sorry for the sudden report.

I debuted with the second generation, and I have been in AKB for a long time. I have experienced a lot, met a lot of people, parted with many people, and it has been a wonderful experience.
I have been here for six and a half years, and this summer’s Tokyo Dome concert was amazing.
Even though it has always been my dream to perform at Tokyo Dome, I didn’t stand out during the concert. It was proof to me that I will always remember this experience.

I joined AKB at 15, and now that I have turned 22, I have thought about many things. Suddenly I see the world as a huge place, and I’ve thought,
“Ahh, I’m only 22.”
That’s what I think.

I have been looking at things really narrowly. But right now I’ve noticed that there are many challeges, and can not do everything at once.
For this reason, I am going to focus on studying for college and towards graduation. I will work hard at that.

From now on, I will focus all of my efforts on schoolwork, and leave the entertainment industry.

I have decided that I will graduate selfishly, and I’m sorry for all of the troubles I have caused.

To the fans who supported me.

Thank you for the smiles and love.
Everyone’s smiles have sparkled so much.
You gave me so much courage,
But I haven’t given enough.
I used to be so weak.
Fans have cheered me up so much.
I really treasure it, and it’s so heartening every day.
I’m really thankful for all of the support.
Thank you so much.

Everyone in my family.
Thank you for always being my support.
I know I have caused a lot of troubles, and made so many cry.
Until now, I’ve gotten so much love.
After this, I’ll repay you doubly! Thank you so much.

Staff, and all the other members.

The staff has always given me such great advice.

Together with your laughter and tears, we came so far as members.

I’ve been really happy to have
Everyone with me.
I smile and cry
From the bottom of my heart
Just for you.

I have seen you all
With all of my power every day,
And we will share that experience.

This life is my treasured thing.

I’m happy,

And this was such a happy time.

Thank you so much.