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N Blog (110128 16:36) – ‘~N Story 9~’
January 29, 2011

~ N Story 9 ~


“Ah… Hello?”

“Hello, this is Togasaki from Akihabara48…”


“We have the results from judging your application.”

“Congratulations.  Your application has passed.  Next you’ll have a videophone audition.  The details are…”


My application passed…

Honestly, I was glad.  Akihabara48 was that kind of group.  I didn’t know any of the details yet, but I was just really glad that my application went through.

Next was the video phone audition (the second judging process) and the rest was just time.
I felt a little impatient.

The second generation audition…

When the first members joined, their audition results were on TV

“Akihabara48 ~ Video Phone Audition”

The commercial would always say.

That commercial used Sakura no Hanabiratachi, and everytime it was on in my house
I would be able to hear Sakura no Hanabiratachi

“Ah, it’s the audition that I got into”

Those were my feelings.

I would check the website everyday
How will it be done?
What’s the new system?

I would frantically stare at my computer screen everyday.

That is, I would go back every few hours

The next day after I sent in my application papers, I began to write in a journal

“Now” I forget my feelings.

I may have passed, but after this, I wanted to make sure not to fail.

At my desk, I would take out my notebook


I called my “Dream Notebook.”

In that Dream Notebook, I would journal about my feelings every day.

Year 2006

February Fifth
This morning I started school…
By the way, yesterday at the station, I sent out a bright red post envelope.
What were the contents?  An Akihabara48 audition photo.  Four of them.  In just a while, my self-confidence rose.  But also, I passed.
At the beginning of the telephone call, i wished they’d say something about sending them a photo.
But then I considered the system.  Idols you can meet everyday, is really something.  So fans would be happy with the new concept.  Everyone’s lessons are amazing.  That’s from the office person.  I’d never have such a chance again…. That’s right.  Having an audition and a photo of myself.  How do they say I meet them?  It’s easy, isn’t it!  I was surprised!  So, I decided!
Akihabara48’s members have the challenge of drama!  But it’s a long journey.  I’d have to accomplish it.  So, I decided, and passed with my application papers!!  I’ll work hard on the interview!
I succeeded.  I totally suceeded.

February Sixth
Ah, will the results come soon?
On the other hand, I’ve been looking forward to it and feeling nervous… Passing into AKB.  my face could be on a CD publicity truck in Shibuya ans all!
I could be in dramas!
I think of all of these positive thoughts instead of the scary idea of failure.  So,  after a little while, I got negative.
That’s how I thoght.

Februrary Seventh
Things like this are difficult to work hard on!
I will absolutely get into AKB!

February Eight
The chance of getting in has left my mind….  That’s success.
It’s been too much time since passing.
Soon everyone will be happy.
Soon, I’ll get my telephone call!

February Ninth
The announcement is soon…. Who passed.
I’m continuously waiting by the telephone.
Perhaps Friday or Saturday next week.
During club activities?
Also, it’s difficult to keep studying.  It’s no good for my grades to start slipping.
I have to be careful!  Normally I study at home!  In reality, it’s difficult to balance these things.

February Tenth
Today a kid in my class met the cute  members of Akihabara48!
It was successful!  I’ll work hard

February Eleventh
Today Chihiro came with the truth.
Also, I think I said that.  I’m really happy to have her support.  Is it good?  It’s safe.
Really, the results are on my mind.
It’s very important… passing is important…
I believe in it!! Natsuki will fight!

February Twelth
In my journal, I write every day that it’s coming soon.  Very soon.
I question that I’m betraying everyone’s hopes.  I’m worried.

February Thirteenth
My smiling face from my application passing.  It’s still here!
Sato Natsuki.  With all my power, I’ll persist ☆☆☆

February Fourteenth
Today I passed!  I’m happy!  But with all of my power I won’t lose focus!!
I must study for my test, it’s a lot more studying than others!  Next is the video phone audition!!  I’ll totally persist!  Thanks, god.

Even now sometimes I’ll go to my desk and look inside my Dream Notebook.

It was five years ago when I would pray to myself every day that I’d get into AKB.

In those days, i saw the real me.

Before those days, I think I lost to my real self.

I had a strong feeling.  I wanted to challenge myself.

But before long, I would look in my notebook
And I saw I couldn’t help the contents of what I had written.

It’s like another person was writing their own feelings in my journal.

I wondered.
Who was the old “Sato Natsuki”…

But I really cheered myself.

Looking through my notebook

My feelings about getting into AKB

N Story 9


N Blog (101107 12:31) – ‘~N Story. 7~’
November 7, 2010

~N Story. 7~

I am that woman (is what Shinobu-san said)

“I say, I have a little opportunity”

That one word is why I’m in AKB.

As I had said, sending those pictures in the mail

Was required to pass…

And then I prayed

For just a few days.

But i wasn’t contacted.  Slowly, it became time for it to come…

My anxiety couldn’t be helped and I had to go to school.  Nothing changed and I had to go to go back and forth to school everyday uneventfully.

My one close friend Chihiro really listened to me talked eccentricly.
We went back to the same train station to return home together.
Two people, going down the Tamagawa, studying hard, swearing to have their dreams granted.

Other than college, we thought about our true colors in school.

To become a celebrity was my dream.  How could anyone get to that status?  So, I

If only Chiriro and  I could come out with our dreams.

So then it would be possible to say, but

We’d say we were to become

But, after a little while, AKB’s audition was something I was seriously burdened by, and to come out with that fact, was to come out with everything.

Now Akihabara48, an idol group, was having an audition.  At first, didn’t thing anything of it, but then I think I was serious about passing.  I really thought I wanted to become an architect.  As a child, I thought about getting into show business.  It was a reckless challenge, but wanted to support myself in this path.

Chihiro was amazing to Natsuki!!!  She was supportive!!!!  And she said I sparkled dazzlingly.

Usually seeing these dazzling eyes

I was now fading and feeling anxious.

My new “declaration” would meet more resistance than my old one.

I would definitely be victorious!

This year would be the one when I would go out for a drama!

It was daringly bold to be able to say something like that.
If I lost?
If I wouldn’t be able to act for a drama?

How would I say it?
I’d be embarrassed by something like that….

I had something of a weak sensation.
I was always in a “weak mood” and was comprised mostly of my humanly character.  I was able to make a declaration of that.

Ordinarily at this time, Chihiro would say
“You should definitely go for it and I’ll support you if that’s what you want”

Her words

“Definitely go for it” were a complete declaration to me.
Surely those words would ease my anxiety.

Why did I think about these strong words

On the contrary

I had a feeling of seriousness, and it was uncool

To be so serious.

And this remind me of the Janken Pon Tournament.
I went into Budokan in the morning

“Would I win?”
“Now, would they take pictures?”
“What would I say if I won?”

That’s what I said.

My mind asked those questions.

Here, unless I won, I’d be embarrassed.  Someday, in a ‘making of’ DVD, I’d be embarrassed by the victory.
If I won!

That’s what I thought.

The result was that I didn’t get first place

“Selected for 7th place”

My friends said and I was left feeling powerful.
Where was that ‘making of’ shot that would show my form at the time?

“I said I’d get first place, but I got 7th place”

I said it was


And it seemed like I was safe and my mind could rest.

At the time of the audition, I faded
But absolutely pressed on
I think I said if was all for repentance.

After all, it was disagreeable, but at the same time I think I didn’t believe it myself.
The result was important, but was what was most important whether or not I was serious about it?
I finally left my regrets behind!

Chihiro constantly came out for me every day.
By force I would say I was checking my phone for the time more often.

Such that one day
While cleaning after school
A voice mail was left on my cell phone’s answering machine.

I stopped bringing my mobile phone to school…

I asked if it could be permitted

And I was promptly called by Chihiro

“Perhaps the results of the applications had come in!!!” I said

The two of us went into a bathroom.

The answering machine’s playback…

“… Hello, Akihabara48 is returning contact”

Beep Beep Beep

I was ready to make that phone call.

~N Story. 7~


N Blog (100922 23:05) – ‘~Nstory.6~’
September 22, 2010



I said that I would audition for “Akihabara48.”

I was just motivated.

Thinking back now, I think I wanted to pass.

The motive of my ambition

“Friend Referral”

… And more.

I liked older songs… Among other things, I had nothing to write

My friend referred me.

And the photo, so cruel.

A shiny flash made my skin pure white.  My eyes and mouth were the only subjects of the photo.

I wondered how long they’d use it to be familiar with me.
I seriously grew accustomed to it.

But, first off, what was Akihabara48?

I started to investigate their intentions.

At that time, the generation including Acchan and Takamina already began.

For several days, I got a telephone call.



“This is Akihabara48”

“Ah, that’s good… (Perhaps I passed?)”

“The results have not came out yet, but an e-mails been sent… just a minute ago we saw it…..”

“Ah, if that’s the case, I’ll cancel it.”

“From the e-mail, we see you have a cute face, and we think it’s too good.  Now, can you give me the address to send the photo to?  The whole upload…”

“I understand.  I’ll send it immediately.  Good-bye.”

I said that and then watched TV.

In reality, honestly it was good.  Why did I need to send a photo?
I was disturbed that I had to send a photo.

After a week

I got a phone call from the same number.

“… Hello”

“Hello, It’s Akihabara48… Did you send the photo?”

“Ah… (Why did they call me especially) *cough* I caught a cold at home *cough*”

It was a forced lie.
Perhaps a friend would tell it was untrue.

But perhaps for my fate in the present, I could think about it in another, big way.

“Why won’t you take it?
Did you think about the chance?
What an amazing chance!  The members now really sparkle?  What’s your dream?  Can it grant your dream?”

“Ah… but… at my school we’re taking exams for college…”

“Inside the members is almost a university student.  Can’t everyone work hard together?  Now I think you’re able to.  Did you consider it?  What’s the chance?  I’ll wait for your photo.”

Sigh, sigh, sigh

… Dream.

… Chance.



Is it really a chance?

A real chance?

In the case that I pass… in the case that I’m in Akihabara48…

… Will my dream come true?

I wonder about the power it’ll take?

I wonder if I’ll get used to being srtong?

… Chance

At my feet…. what a chance….  Concerning that chance….

I hurriedly sent my photo.

How forcibly that light hit me.
Without make-up

My victory or defeat would hang on it.

So this was my chance.

I brought in an envelope from the post

Crossing over the words

… I passed…

Ah… I

Seriously am in…

I passed!  I understood my desire… but I passed… Something changed!!!

A long time felt like a short time and I wanted to know what was different?

I thought about result of the inspection of my application every day.

In this way, I changed

Thanks to that telephone call, I changed into a woman….

Being in AKB immediately seperated

The woman’s true colors…

As a matter of fact,

I remember the costume person (*^ω^*)

Except what did I think?

God led me into AKB!

I remember when I was embarrased to talk to the costume people

Natsuki thanks you amazingly.  Really.

I remember that summer telephone call and sending in the application.

This sort of thing happened again and I had important feelings.

Never the less, it’s a wonder I had that chance.

To bestow that on me

To go and see me

At that time it was different

I loved all the people with all of my power
I felt staggering force

And with my body I knew.

Yesterday, I

Went and saw it.

That shape of your eyes and how you moved me?

Of course I walked with a feeling of anxiety, but

I grasped it

And I thought I should sing for being given this chance.

It’s for either victory or defeat.

~ Nstory.6 ~


N Blog (100822 17:07) – ‘~Nstory. 5~’
August 22, 2010



I really have no luck with things like auditions.

One has to be a beautiful girl,
Especially good at singing songs,
Good at explaining her style
Can dance

I sent five applications to the auditions

Those five failed.

I’m ordinary
With no forte.

Then, an e-mail.

The first application was examined and it most needed a picture taken with a cell phone included to pass the audition.

For that one, I was auditioning for a play with Momoe Yamaguchi
as the lead part.

Right before my eyes, I failed the audition at the very last moment…

What did I do…

Why did I…

For the first time, I felt frustrated.  I think then I began living with this regrettable feeling?

For the remainder of that depression, my mother would of course worry.  That day at dinner, we had carbonara.

It was dreadfully good, but
I started crying and my throat dried
I felt really foolish.

That taste I had forgotten about for my whole life.

And I thought it was from eating the carbonara.

At the next audition, I was there till the very end.  The audition was for three of us.  The next was no good, and I would have to become an ordinary college student and find employment.

So I decided.

With the rest, I was ordinary and nothing special.

I learned of “The last appropriate audition” by chance.

I thought, ‘What kind of audition is it?

On the paper, it said.

“An immediate debut to those unsigned”

“A specific location”

“But with unpleasant lessons”

How selfish.
The whole paper’s writing was selfish.

Imagining my way here, I was blessed with coming to find the audition poster.

So that one day, as I was walking down the street, I received many leaflets.

Within them were pink business card-sized leaflets.

“Akihabara48 Audition”

Akihabara… a budding group…

That was it.

I couldn’t do it.  Everyday on TV, there were features about that boom.  Somewhere, one could audition for a cute cafe.  I think it would be ambitious.


I would walk down the streets and always receive pink-colored leaflets…

I held onto them each time, and I was insistant that those leaflets were difficult to have.

And everyone got to audition!  A friend of a friend said, “But it’s Akihabara style”

I thought about her point of view

And then I stopped thinking

With that terrible feeling, I trembled.

Ordinarily, I would take advantage of this and send in!  I then made a decision.

“I’m out of pictures for applications on my phone!!!”

That night at home…

I felt a connection to something.

Was it ordinary to need to wait???

What I understood was that Akihabara48 was making a group audition, and it wasn’t likely I’d make it to the end…


But with Akihabara48,

It was out of the question.

I thought about it with ease.
How I thought of Akihabara48 so thoughtlessly.
But for myself, I wanted to audition
And how often would “myself” get to choose what to do

I tried it out.

But I thought
I would unexpectedly change my e-mail to send it.

In life, one has the choice between left and right
And with things like this, you can “sleep on”
We live for just
One hundreth of a second, always
Getting to choose.

But in my composition, I think I missed it about life and left and right.

I said that I found that audition by chance,

So I think it was a long-shot.
It’s often the case with a magazine’s brochure

“Will I get into AKB?”
I then questioned

I understood all of the members

“My friends recommended it”
“I want to become an idol”

… Each said something, but

Deep in my insides, I began to cry about the event and understood how it was so selfish.

Until now, I remember answering.

As one would expect

“The pink-colored, insistant leaflets”

I answered (laughs)

But that’s what I thought.

“Pink-colored, insistant leaflets”
It seems like a
“Treasured e-mail”
And it seems like it
“Somehow or other” doesn’t really matter

It was a “Chance”

Frequently earth-shattering, unexpected and inevitable


A miracle

I blocked it out.

N Blog (100806 10:04) – ‘~Nstory. 4~’
August 5, 2010

“Dear. My “Friends””

My time in middle school really was perfect.
There was studying, friends, love, and various experiences, and at that point, I think I had to study??
Fights and tears and smiles, every day I failed in various ways…

I know I had AKB on my shoulders, but I had a friend with me there.

Mina, as a child, hated to lose, and at first, I hated studying and got failing marks at the last minute.  But Natsuki’s tests showed my true character and I saw that I was losing all of my good marks

It was said, “It’s mortifying!  At the end of the next term, Nacchi will leave.”

Really leaving.
Moreover, after one year of classes, and being the brains of the top class, Everyone borrowed my notes every day… Together in my second year of junior high, I carried the class, but by no means did that happen in the third year.

I hated to lose, but I cried and I was a fragile, pure girl. That was Mina.

Following that was Chihiro.

The reality was that I was an eccentric person.
I thought that I should immediatly put a plan into motion.  I wasn’t scared.  Those were my feelings.

I stopped by a purikura booth with my uniform to take pictures, immediately my teacher exposed me (laughs)
Natsuki was in god’s embrace…
My bottomless house was nearby, and I returned at the same time with greed.
I think I always was envious of this slim, tender body.

For the first time, Natsuki was frank with her friend about her dreams.

“I really want to be a performer and go to an audition.  Right now, Akihabara48 (at that time) gave me paperwork that said I passed”

The next day, Natsuki saw Chihiro with a different set of eyes and her mind relaxed.  Was it in my imagination?
Did I really think up Chihiro?

At that time, I carried AKB on my shoulders, “I carry Nacchi’s dream.  I grant it perfectly.  My dream has been granted”  I thought about Chihiro.
It was really great, and it was always together with my studying and the thought of
Becoming a university student

The whole time I went to university, I heard rumors and I was preached to.

Your parents are paying for this with their money.
What university do you go to
What friends on the outside do you have
Do you put forth all of your energy
I’m sorry
Is all what I thought


At school, an exchange student was chosen, at the end of August, they could study abroad.

It was my dream to go with Chihiro.
It had nothing to do with it ^^ but it was perfect.  My chest swelled to go

And at last


This person was amazing.
A crybaby
Fragments of whispers
Came out in just a moment.

Ordinarily, I though she was a great friend, She appeared like a super gal, so it appeared like it was an easy misunderstaning.  But I held onto the results of the top of class… The reality was that we’d meet by chance.

In my time with AKB, I was able to cry.
For the first time, Marina, depression, ah, and Natsuki could enjoy ourselves in Ginza at an all-you-can-eat place
And some time ago, Marina stumbled through Ginza, and cried when she saw that place.

Things like that
Make me feel warm.

Opening up makes me cry… (laughs)
But it’s happy!

Until now, I’ve passed every day with four people

If I were able to do it, it’d be a dark and gloomy drama.  Of course, it’d be a while after this.

What kind of fights were had

I became an AKB member
I spoke my mind that morning

That first time was harsh…

But having that bad experience
I must persist forward

Now I’m in AKB

“Now is the first hard time” How I thought this many times.
That’s how AKB is.
I’m a human being,
So it’s a simple reasoon.
I was in a tough situation, and sneaking out of it wouldn’t work.

But now, seperately,
It’d be a perfect time to slip away ^^

But to change the subject,


Should I thank my friends for my existance?

E-mails and telephone calls
Are natural, but
I like laughing together and crying together
I like giving advice, and getting mad at someone…

My blood is tied together with these people, and yet they are so much like my family

Today, my mind

Always murmers

Thank you!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and the elderly people’s day
There are many holidays

Friend Day

I want to make it happen (*^ω^*)

I think about that sort of thing every day (*^ω^*)

Is everyone doing okay?


Keeps on running after her dream every day ^^

N Blog (100727 19:02) – ‘~NStory. 3~’
July 27, 2010



In junior high,

There were club activities.

It was my dream to become like Speed, so for that reason I decided to join the band.

Generally if that’s the case, one gets training from somewhere like a dance school

At the Sato house, we had a visitor…

My older sister had a really close friend that she would have over
In our living room

But at that time I was envious and really, really sneaky.

They were training for a production’s scene, and went to a dance school

Why couldn’t Nacchi go, too?
It was really vexing.

One day my parents asked me what I wanted to go into and I said with adult language,

“I want to go to cram school”

Why did I say such a lie?

Afterwards I was burdened
“Why did I think to do such a thing?” I regretted it

Everytime I went to my older sister’s recitals, there were cute costumes, the hair and make-up were adorable, and the glitter…

I was envious of the recital to the MAX.

What sort of unknown pestering did I have to do to accompany my parents everytime they went to her lesssons.
I always saw the details of the lessons in the hallway.

It was good.  The door was open to see
I was becoming accustomed to Speed,
It was such a mortifying thought

Now I was able to remember and hit many of their steps.

I returned to my house to practice quietly.

Such is the past
I approached becoming Speed for a while.  At the time when I was still in junior high, Speed was breaking up and inside I wanted them to go on forever.

At band, the songs were getting better and kind of Speed-like!  I thought about it
I continuously liked Speed and Namie Amuro-san and always looked towards them for new music.

Ringo Shiina-san.

Her titles were wonderful.  Her melodies in her songs, and in band…

Anything and everything about her had this perfect charm about it.

I did the guitar and vocals and I got a stand-out part, and my parents bought me a bright red guitar.

That’s the guitar I use for AKB^^
“Tomo yo”‘s guitar-work is my musical performance.

So, everyday at school I would practice with my guitar.

Honestly, at a girls’ school, it was absolutely conspicuous and detestable.

Things like the distant future were bothersome to look forward to, and in public, I would sing songs quitely to pass the time.

As usual,

I was clever.


I thought when I walked in the hall, “I’m a vocal child?”

I was Sato Natsuki no more.

I bore the name
Vocal Child.

At the time, on a scale to 5, my skill as a singer was 0.5.
It was disagreeable to say I was good.  But, before anyone knew it, I got a little bit more self-confident.

Was there any chance that I’d be ever be a good singer?

That confidence helped me pass the AKB auditon and the lessons afterwards.

The members of my Team made a big stimulus for me to gain popularity at once.

I was lacking in those skills.

Those were my thoughts.  Those discussions were my conclusions ^^

Since then I had the privilage of a performance at Music Station, and I appeared with Tokyo Jihen.
I could finally hear Shiina Ringo-san sing one of her songs live
And got goosebumps.
With AKB, I want to make those kinds of experiences.
That’s a good way to live ^^

By the way, I had the privilage of performing with bayFM, with a foreign group of the same age, “East West Boys” with five other AKB members at the same time.

Christmas was coming and we were given Christmas songs

Music is worldwide, with those words,
Were my feelings for the moment.

Music was found deep inside.
I had the fortune of having a musical family at home.

My father was a former band member
My mother played the guitar
My brother played in a band
My sister played the clarinet

I said I had to do music, but it didn’t have to be in a band.

My family agreed…

It was such a shared thing
So much sharing
The band was together for three years.

I got in my third year of middle school

“What will future become”

These were painful words

Before my eyes, a big wall appeared.

Afterwards, it was simple, and yet
I dared myself to go above this.

It was ordinary to

Raise yourself over these things.

Life seems to be a “hurdle competition.”

N Blog (100725 18:51) – ‘~N Story. 2~’
July 25, 2010


By the time I was a third year in elementary school, I began sometimes going to cram school.
I had to do well for my middle school exams.

At that time, I went between school and cram school, and I didn’t think it mattered that playtime with my school friends decreased.

My older brother and older sister told me privately that that was normal for me to take exams this way.

It didn’t mean that I was bright.

That was in the olden days, and of course now.

In reality, my wish was that I’d honestly fail
All of my exams.

But that thought would be such a regrettable experience, and in the next exam, I would be serious.

Well, in this age

Being ordinary is a sweet, sweet thought

But I wasn’t like that as a child.

After all, I had to pass an exam to get into middle school.

The sailor uniform of a high class daughter’s school.

A girl’s school.

My thought about my enterance was that it was


That was my honest thought about getting into school.

The school regulations were so bitter and rigid.
What’s wrong with short skirts?
No long socks?
Why can’t I dye my hair?
Why can’t high school girls have cell phones these days?
What is the meaning of these bans?
At such a school, I could never make friends.

Starting from the beginning, I was unhappy with the school.  Those were my real thoughts.

But I realized this afterwards.

Within this school, I felt dead.

Following these bad school regulations every day was so strict.

How could I slip away?  I thought about such words every day.

But for this strict reason, I found that I could actually make friends.

Together, with a cautionary style,

I met treasured friends.

“Are we going back in tie?”
I made the error of asking

It seemed like I went back to junior high.

I was returning to the past

And the future was coming

I was worried… How would the future change
Bright or dark
For some reason I couldn’t do without these comforts

I wanted to return to the past

I completely appeared to wish to work hard every day, as I was expected to.


Recently, I was on a train and
I saw the girls uniform of my alma mater.

I heard their chatting

I graduated from
The short sock specification, the same rule, as appearance is strict at school… but I was jealous of that elegence.

It made me awfully happy^^

Someone said it was nagging

That’s useless to day

I would say…

I miss that I no longer go through it^^

So, when I saw my juniors,
I’d always give them a mindful shout

“‘Now’ you can enjoy yourself”


Now I say, “Now” you have no choices (*^ω^*)

N Blog (100723 15:19) – ‘~NStory. 1~’
July 23, 2010

~NStory. 1~

When I was in my second year of elementary school,

My mother took me to Tokyo Dome.

It was the first time in my life that I went to Tokyo Dome

It was the first time in my life that I went to a concert

I loved SPEED’s concert

It was an earth-shattering performance.
There was an audience of 55,000…
Everyone was watching and encouraging
Everyone paid all of their attention to the performance

I was dumbfounded.
Until then, I didn’t know my purpose in life.
How can they do that sort of thing?

That night I thought about it while I got in bed

I had seen dancing, heard singing, and MCs… I re-thought them all.

And then I decided.

I wanted to become a performer!

I would go to concerts.
All performances were fascinating

In that moment,

My “dream” was realized.

Ah… That’s right.
This was before AKB’s Budokan Hall concerts were decided

There, I spoke to Masuda Yuka.

“It’s so amazing we’re having a concert at Budokan”

“Have you thought about the reality? 10,000 people’s energy is concentrated on us?  Concerts… they’re amazing”

In that conversation, I inadvertently forgot about life.

Perhaps at Tokyo Dome’s SPEED concert… “earth-shattering” was too strong a word, and it was really all about the “stage.”

Listening to Yuka’s words, one’s mind had great opinions.

Being in AKB now
Concerts and events at the original theater are what I think about each time.

Now, I always feel

Earth-shattering energy.

So my performance rises up

And I bathe in an “Energy Shower.”

N Blog (100722 21:44) – ‘Blog Serialization Start’
July 22, 2010


I think my Blog Serialization will begin!!!

It’s abrupt, but it’ll include…

What I do in life

What triggered my joining AKB

What I feel about AKB

About my school and my friends

I want everyone to know everything since the beginning. (N´∀`)/`


I will begin (*ノωノ)

It’ll be irregular,
But certainly look forward to it

The title is…



Let us begin!!!!!!!!

@ N-san