Natsuki in LOD Vision…
October 19, 2009

One capture of Natsuki from each LOD that I have access to, generally from her first MC… but sometimes not.  Anyway, enjoy!

Isn’t she lovely?


My Third Fan Letter to Natsuki
June 20, 2009

Yesterday I sent out my third fan letter/package to my favorite girl.  My reasoning: In just a few weeks is her nineteenth birthday.  I figured I should get her something… so naturally I sent her a PB filled with my very own senior pictures.  If this doesn’t make her want to make her very own PB, I don’t know what will.  Here are some random photos of the gift and shots of the actual PB.  I hope you (and Natsuki) approve!

G-Rosso Picture!
May 31, 2009

Love at first site… I don’t want it!  (Except I do.)  (Get it?  Romance, Irane!)