Pic Spam Alert! 55 Shots
July 24, 2010

Sato Natsuki for AKB48×B.L.T.xWorld Cup
April 26, 2010

Natsuki (and the rest of AKB48) has designed another t-shirt for her fans!  I’ve yet to receive her first one, but I’m already excited about this one.

From what I can tell, the black and white t-shirt (only two girls chose white, the other being Meada Ami) features a math quiz on the front.

I can’t read the miniature picture too well, but it looks like Natsuki answered all of the questions right except for the forth, which reads ‘1 + 2 = ‘. Naturally, I believe that we all know the correct answer (which is used as her last name on the back of the t-shirt), but she seems to have left it blank, and added some sort of comment, but she missed the questions’ two points on the quiz.  Adorable.

The back has her ‘N,’ as well as ‘310,’ which stands for her last name, Sato.

The shirts are available to purchase for 3000 yen from now till May 14th here.  Each t-shirt includes a picture.

Nacchi Celebrates the New Year!
January 3, 2010

N + Shorts!?
November 30, 2009

Finally!  Himawari-gumi Stage 2’s encore costumes are some of my favorites because they are very mix-and-match-able.  There are a bunch of different tops, bottoms, and sleeves to choose from, as well as one-pieces.  Natsuki has always worn the most conservative, but in a ‘recent’ LOD, it’s shown that now she gets to wear the one that her substitute Komatani Hitomi got to wear!  That means short shorts!

A Summer Festival Reviewed a Few Seasons Late…
October 26, 2009

Today I’ll be looking at the Natsumatsuri Hibiyayaon concert.  It’s a favorite of mine, so I don’t have all that many bad things to say about it.

Click the pictures for the review, or you can read it all below!


Let’s Keep on Reviewing! Onward to JCB Hall 2008!
October 23, 2009

In preparation for the next set of DVDs, I’ve decided to go through a few older concerts, this time it’s JCB Hall from December 21st, 2008.

Full-length text-only review below…


Natsuki Shots!
October 21, 2009

Some more pictures I’ve gathered of Natsuki… just to tide you over for my upcoming JCB review which MUST come out before the Budokan DVDs come out.  I might even try to get the Natsumatsuri Hibiyayaon review done before then since it’s so short.

Natsuki in LOD Vision…
October 19, 2009

One capture of Natsuki from each LOD that I have access to, generally from her first MC… but sometimes not.  Anyway, enjoy!

Isn’t she lovely?

Sato Natsuki for AKB48×B.L.T
September 26, 2009

In order to commemorate B.L.T. magazine’s twelfth anniversary, AKB is releasing 60 t-shirts, each designed by a different member of AKB48.  Sato Natsuki’s is obviously the best, with pink on black and two sketches of her: one in casual wear and one in her ‘Kimi wa Pegasus’ costume, her first original unit.  I love it.  Buy it for me.  Only 3000 yen.  Plus shipping.

Sato Natsuki's Design!

Buy it here!

AKB48 Team Shuffle – October 2009
August 23, 2009

As of October 2009, AKB48’s Teams will be shuffled.


old Team A members:
Maeda Atsuko
Takajo Aki
Kojima Haruna
Takahashi Minami (*)
Shinoda Mariko
Nakata Chisato

old Team K members:
Matsubara Natsumi
Kuramochi Asuka

old Team B members:
Oota Aika
Nakaya Sayaka
Nakagawa Haruka
Katayama Haruka
Sashihara Rino

old Research Students:
Iwasa Misaki
Oya Shizuka
Suzuki Mariya
Maeda Ami


old Team A members:
Fujie Reina
Itano Tomomi
Minegishi Minami

old Team K members:
Umeda Ayaka
Ono Erena
Oshima Yuko
Miyazawa Sae
Akimoto Sayaka (*)

old Team B members:
Nito Moeno
Yonezawa Rumi
Nakatsuka Tomomi
Kohara Haruka
Tanabe Miku

old Research Students:
Uchida Mayumi,
Kikuchi Ayaka
Nonaka Misato
Matsui Sakiko


old Team A members:
Sato Amina
Kitahara Rie
Miyazaki Miho

old Team K members:
Kobayashi Kana
Masuda Yuka
Oku Manami
Chikano Rina
Sato Natsuki
Kasai Tomomi

old Team B members:
Watanabe Mayu
Kashiwagi Yuki (*)
Hirajima Natsumi

old Research Students:
Ishida Haruka
Sato Sumire
Suzuki Shihori
Komori Mika


old Team A members:
Sato Yukari

old Team K members:
Noro Kayo (*)
Ohori Megumi

old Team B members:
Urano Kazumi