It’s that time of year! (or Gifts from RSL!)
December 9, 2009

The holiday season is here, and so that means I should share a few gifts with you.  My first is that lovely picture above.  It’s from last year’s Team K Christmas show.  N performed two solos.  I wonder if they’ll have similar events this year?

My next presents are even better: ‘Anata to Christmas Eve‘ with Sato Natsuki and Noro Kayo, and ‘Kinjirareta Futari,’ again with Sato Natsuki and Noro Kayo.  I got these a while ago, so I hope they’re new to at least a few people.  Both songs were performed on one of AKB’s radio shows.  Please enjoy them!

‘Anata no Christmas Eve’ and ‘Kinjirareta Futari’

Let’s Keep on Reviewing! Onward to JCB Hall 2008!
October 23, 2009

In preparation for the next set of DVDs, I’ve decided to go through a few older concerts, this time it’s JCB Hall from December 21st, 2008.

Full-length text-only review below…