Nx20 birthday present has been sent!
June 21, 2010

Natsuki’s birthday is coming up in a very short while.  So short in fact, that I am a little late in sending out my gift to her.  Her birthday, on Thursday, July 1st, is her twentieth, and she’ll finally be an adult in the eyes of Japan.  She’s getting tons more from me than she did last year, and I hope she likes her presents.

This year she’s getting…

Two PBs (of me, naturally!) and a three-page fan letter

And two Hello Kitty t-shirts! (I hope they fit, they’re girls XL…)

Anyway, happy birthday, Natsuki!  I hope the rest of your days of being a teenager are fantastic, and you become an even more awesome adult!

Natsuki’s 19th Birthday!
July 19, 2009

I know I’m way late, but Natsuki just had her birthday show and I finally had time to watch it.  So I still think that it’s N-Season.