Sato(u) Natsuki on Watanabe’s Site!
May 11, 2010

Her profile has been updated on the Biscuit page of Watanabe Entertainment’s website!  Kuramochi Asuka and Oya Shizuka also now have pages.


Upcoming Blog!

I’m linking the blog’s url right now because now it looks like it’s under construction.  I’ve been checking that url out for the past few weeks (as well as ‘satonatsuki’ and ‘satohnatsuki,’ and even the weirder ‘satouhnatsuki’), and just today an account log-in has been added.  Will her blog pop-up soon!?

You haven’t forgotten how gorgeous Natsuki is, have you?
January 31, 2010

I’ve amassed a whole bunch of N for this post!  Featured:

  • Photocards
  • Q-Sama
  • Shibuya AX
  • Get-Togethers
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Stage Shows
  • Random Stuff

Oh, and a super-pretty picture of Natsuki and her hairdresser right after she got her hair cut and colored for Kouhaku Uta Gassen.  (I am a hardcore stalker.)

Chikano’s blog is my new favorite!
September 27, 2009

A few newer pictures…
September 23, 2009


More pictures! No holds barred!
September 18, 2009

The Biggest Pic Spam of Low Quality Natsuki Pictures EVER
August 11, 2009

I’m sure that a bunch of these are from the girls’ FC blogs, but I found them all through a search engine, so I figure it’s not my fault they were released to the public.

Natsuki got her hair chopped off!
March 20, 2009

A while ago, like mid-February, got her hair cut.  Here’s a more recent picture from an outing with fellow Team K member Ohori Megumi.


Source: Ohori Megumi’s blog.

Inspiration of Title
November 30, 2008

The name of my new blog ‘Where’s Natsuki?’ is inspired by the below picture.  You know, like ‘Where’s Waldo?’… except more attractive.

Where's Natsuki?
10 gold stars if you can find her.


W’sN? – Sato Natsuki Worship Blog
November 30, 2008

From the AKB48 2008 Weekly Calendar

From the AKB48 2008 Weekly Calendar

I just want to note that Sato Natsuki is the reason this blog is here.  In case that was questionable.


New Blog: Where’s Natsuki?
November 30, 2008

This is RocketStarLauncher, or RSL for short.  I’m was a moderator at the forums, and now I’ve decided to take up translating Sato Natsuki’s blog entries.