After a Month of Inactivity
March 5, 2010

So… I didn’t update for an entire month, and so I’m just posting oodles and oodles of low-quality pictures.  And guess what is coming soon?  A review of AKB Kagekidan Musical Infinity!  The DVD(s) come out tomorrow.  Get excited.

Below you will find a completely un-organized collection of pictures.

  • BLTs
  • Theater Photos
  • Umeda Erika
  • Q-Sama!!
  • Aoki
  • Pakyura!
  • Musical Infinity
  • Majisuka Gakuen
  • Team K Senshuuraku
  • 2 Shots
  • Sakura no Shiori

Infinity and the Navy
November 9, 2009

A few newer pictures…
September 23, 2009


Mini Pic Spam!
April 27, 2009

May B.L.T. ASuper Limited Edition Chirstmas AKS!Care Bear Natsuki Close-UpCare Bear NatsukiMay AKSMay AKSMay AKSFlash ProfileFlash Picture

Natsuki’s April B.L.T.s are here!
March 31, 2009

Pictures from Yahoo! Japan Auctions have surfaced!  Her ‘C’ version is absolutely mind-bogglingly gorgeous.

April B.L.T. C

April B.L.T. B

April Sato Natsuki AKS and B.L.T. A!
March 24, 2009

April AKS

April AKS

April AKS

April B.L.T. A

March B.L.T. A, B, and C
February 28, 2009

March B.L.T. AMarch B.L.T. BMarch B.L.T. C


February B.L.T. C
January 27, 2009

February 2009 B.L.T. C


February B.L.T. A
January 26, 2009

January B.L.T. A


January 6, 2009

Natsuki’s LIBRO picture has been posted on Yahoo! Japan Auctions!  You know what that means: We get to see it!