The Biggest Pic Spam of Low Quality Natsuki Pictures EVER
August 11, 2009

I’m sure that a bunch of these are from the girls’ FC blogs, but I found them all through a search engine, so I figure it’s not my fault they were released to the public.

Pic Spam
May 11, 2009

B.L.T.GlassesMerry ChristmasNHK CostumeWith Meetan and NattsumiBowlingSleepover with KasaiSleepover with KasaiSleepover with Kasai

Natsuki is Now Tax-Deductable?
December 1, 2008

AKB48 has been helping out charities for a few months now, and I think our very own Sato Natsuki has been winning the quality and quantity awards.  Off the top of my head, charity auctions have been set up using Natsuki four times, and the other participants (Kuramochi Asuka, Noro Kayo, and Naruse Risa (I think?)) only twice.  See: not only is Natsuki profitable for Akimoto, but also people in need!  Now that’s an efficient use of an idol.

From my understanding, the AKB48 member signs an item, takes a Polaroid with said item, and decorates the Polaroid.  The picture and the item are then auctioned on Yahoo! Japan. (Linked to the most important page…)