N + Shorts!?
November 30, 2009

Finally!  Himawari-gumi Stage 2’s encore costumes are some of my favorites because they are very mix-and-match-able.  There are a bunch of different tops, bottoms, and sleeves to choose from, as well as one-pieces.  Natsuki has always worn the most conservative, but in a ‘recent’ LOD, it’s shown that now she gets to wear the one that her substitute Komatani Hitomi got to wear!  That means short shorts!

Natsuki in LOD Vision…
October 19, 2009

One capture of Natsuki from each LOD that I have access to, generally from her first MC… but sometimes not.  Anyway, enjoy!

Isn’t she lovely?

Group Pic Spam!
August 21, 2009