AKB48 Graduate Nakanishi Rina to star in AV, nude PB
June 25, 2010

First off, I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to the feature of this post, Nakanishi Rina.

Nakanishi Rina.

Joined AKB48 Team A in October, 2005.

A lead singer in early songs like ‘Classmate’ and ‘Dear My Teacher.’

A member of the first set of senbatsu, Sukahira Seven, for the group’s second single, ‘Skirt, Hirari.’

Participated in widely popular units like ‘Nageki no Figure’ and ‘Glass no I LOVE YOU.’

Leading units like ‘Shinkirou’ and ‘Kikyou.’  And shuffling into ‘Kinjirareta Futari.

Starring in the first semi-successful sub-group of AKB48, Chocolove from AKB48.

Coming out with her first AV at the end of August.

Last week, an article published in a tabloid centered around an ex-AKB48 member doing AV work in the future.  Immediate thoughts were dismissal of the subject and discussion concerning which member would be featured.  While the article pointed to Nakanishi Rina, most believed that former members or Research Students who left or were fired rather than graduated would be in place of the aforementioned girl.  After all, something like this was bound to happen: some former members tend to release gravure after their stints with the group are over, and quite a few girls coming into AKB have had a not-so idol-friendly image before joining.  And of course, this combined with the fact that there have been a variety of AVs released in the past that include girls that are marketed to look as though they are current AKB members, even wearing authentic-looking costumes.

Rina will be performing under the name Yamaguchi Riko for her AV debut, and is shown wearing a school uniform with a crest that says ’48.’  Along with her name-change, her apparent measurements have changed, and more importantly her age: instead of her previously-public age of 21, she’ll be 19 for this release.

Another tabloid, Friday, released preview pictures for her PB, today.  This is the same magazine which starts many rumors about idols and focuses quite a bit on their scandals.  On the other hand, AKB48 has a great relationship with the company, as AKB members have been featured quite often as of late in its pages and on its cover, as well as SDN48 gettting some sort of article in this issue specifically.

Yamaguchi Riko will be releasing a nude photobook, ‘Departure’ on July 13th, and will be releasing her first video on August 27th.

My personal thoughts on this…


AKB48 Member of the Year 2009 Poll Results Announced!
January 17, 2010

Today, the outcome of the member ranking poll has been posted!  The two previous years have been hosted by Stage48 administrator Kyobu, but this time forum member Naomi graciously decided to put on the annual festivities.

Full Results on Stage48!

Each participant was granted ten votes to vote positively towards their favorites, with each of those ten votes assigned a different point value.  Also, each participant was given five votes to vote negatively towards their least favorites in order to more successfully gage the general consensus of each member.  All members of AKB48, SKE48, and SDN48, as well as all of their Research Students, Unders, and graduated members were on the ballots, with the only rule that they must have been in their group in 2009, which means anyone who graduated before last year wasn’t allowed to be voted for.

The full ranking posted is out of 107 girls, with the girls who didn’t have any votes for or against them not included.  I posted some interesting numbers below.

Top 10 in the ranking:

10. Ohori Megumi (+170/-2) 168
09. Minegishi Minami (+173/-1) 172
08. Sashihara Rino (+182/-5) 177
07. Itano Tomomi (+207/-18) 189
06. Miyazawa Sae (+201/-8) 193
05. Kasai Tomomi (+218/-14) 204
04. Kashiwagi Yuki (+237/-15) 222
03. Takahashi Minami (+297/-3) 294
02. Akimoto Sayaka (+340/-23) 317
01. Oshima Yuko (+340/-10) 330

‘RIVER’ senbatsu members

39. Matsui Jurina (+101/-66) 3
36. Shinoda Mariko (+61/-22) 39
23. Kitahara Rie (+91/-15) 76
19. Watanabe Mayu (+120/-34) 86
18. Maeda Atsuko (+171/-83) 88
17. Ono Erena (+106/-13) 92
16. Miyazaki Miho (+121/-18) 103
12. Kojima Haruna (+152/-26) 126
09. Minegishi Minami (+173/-1) 172
07. Itano Tomomi (+207/-18) 189
06. Miyazawa Sae (+201/-8) 193
05. Kasai Tomomi (+218/-14) 204
04. Kashiwagi Yuki (+237/-15) 222
03. Takahashi Minami (+297/-3) 294
02. Akimoto Sayaka (+340/-23) 317
01. Oshima Yuko (+340/-10) 330

Sato Natsuki (2007 – 10) (2008 – 25) (2009 – 39)

39. Sato Natsuki (+40/-5) 35

Not terrible if you ask me!  Maybe she’ll do better next year!

For the past three years, Stage48.net has been hosting a ranking based on the members of AKB48 and its sister groups.  Last year the Nihongogo forum was also invited to participate, giving a broader range of opinions.  Now that Hello! Online has made an AKB48 forum, maybe it will be included in the 2010 ranking?

Itoshiki Natsuki
November 9, 2009

From Budokan… (YouTube will probably take this down. Credit to the uploader.)