A Summer Festival Reviewed a Few Seasons Late…
October 26, 2009

Today I’ll be looking at the Natsumatsuri Hibiyayaon concert.  It’s a favorite of mine, so I don’t have all that many bad things to say about it.

Click the pictures for the review, or you can read it all below!


Oh My! ‘1 + 2 = N Nacchi’ Cheer in Dear My Teacher!
February 24, 2009

That’s right, there was a Natsuki-related cheer that I had NO idea about.  Get excited.  It’s in Dear My Teacher, so that’s even better.

This video is from the First Concert Aitakatta Normal Version DVD.  The Shuffle Version has more Natsuki during the part I’m talking about, but I couldn’t find it on YouTube, nor could I rip it correctly from my DVD.  So… sorry for the bad quality.  Listen to the to the end of the first section of the second verse.  The chant ‘Ichi desu Ni wa N Nacchi’ (‘1+2=Nacchi’) starts at 2:14 on this (crappy) video.

Also, you can faintly hear it on the Natsumatsuri Hibiyaon DVD… even though it’s the Team A version.  Same place in the lyrics, but at 2:19-ish.

I know.  It’s amazing.  And now I’ll always chant it when I hear the song.