My Third Fan Letter to Natsuki
June 20, 2009

Yesterday I sent out my third fan letter/package to my favorite girl.  My reasoning: In just a few weeks is her nineteenth birthday.  I figured I should get her something… so naturally I sent her a PB filled with my very own senior pictures.  If this doesn’t make her want to make her very own PB, I don’t know what will.  Here are some random photos of the gift and shots of the actual PB.  I hope you (and Natsuki) approve!

Waseda University’s Classes Begin Soon!
March 31, 2009

If Natsuki were to go to Waseda University, her opening ceremonies are on April 2nd.

Sato Natsuki

Good luck Natsuki!

AKB48 Member Sato Natsuki to Attend Waseda University
December 20, 2008

Breaking news.

Tonight, during AKB48’s concert at JCB HAll.  Sato Natsuki announced she was accepted into Waseda University, one of the most prestigious universities in Japan.  Currently, she is planning on continuing being a member of AKB48.

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