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N Blog (2011-04-27 23:33:18) – ‘Travel Diary – Food I had – ☆〃’
April 27, 2011

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(2011-04-27 23:33:18)

↑ Those are

Cold, Korean noodles!!!

I requested them.

Somehow, meat came with them!!!
The meat is amazingly delicious!

And! (*^ω^*)

Steamed shellfish ☆〃

Really, there’s quite the variety of steamed shellfish…!

This many!
Even though it’s the smallest size!!

I ate the shellfish

And they gave me a really good feeling. (laughs)


As for this,

It’s Shabu-Shabu.

It’s like it is in Japan, but
The general soy sauce flavor has been switched with a stylish chili flavor.

Shabu-Shabu with chili sauce is delicious (*ノωノ)

This is breakfast!
It’s a seafood pot.
Yummy (*ノωノ)

My mother makes it. (*ノωノ)

And it comes with some rice dishes!!

Such food…
I’m full from eating!!

… I need to do some sit-ups (laughs)

From today, I’ll persevere! (*^ω^*)

… Yup. (laughs)

Among these


Which do you like? (゜▽゜)


N Blog (2011-04-27 20:57:39) – ‘A Notice ☆〃’
April 27, 2011

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(2011-04-27 20:57:39)

A notice.

Watanabe Entertainment will have their monthly comic performance “Watanabe Entertainment Live – WEL -” and will broadcast in theaters in Hiroshima and Kyoto.

What !! !! !! !!

In addition, Shiichan and Nacchi have been decided to appear.

The day of the screening, there’ll be a two-shot event and palm reading is planned!!

At the Hiroshima event, An Girls Yamane-san will be present. (*ノωノ)

At the “WEL Cheering Part”, Shiichan will be there, and I’ll be in Kyoto.

The day of the handshake event, we have plans to talk. (*ノωノ)

Certainly please come! ♪〃


It’s on the ☆30th☆!

Everyone, go to

Kyoto together.

Please come for a while!!!

Everyone, come.
I look forward to it!

N Blog (2011-04-27 17:12:24) – ‘As a matter of fact… 〃☆’
April 27, 2011

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(2011-04-27 17:12:24)

Everyone (*^^*)

Sorry I wasn’t able to update at all. (。-_-。)

As a matter of fact, I’m going to Korea!

Now that I think of it, I decided
On going quite quickly.
My parents were surprised. (laughs)
Are you all surprised?
I shot off like a bullet and I’ll stay at my friend’s family’s house. (*^^*)

I’ll grow familiar to everyone there. (^ー^)ノ

For my farewell dinner, I went home to eat and I ended up crying.
My friend’s mother cried, too. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。
Just for Japan, Natsuki had the task of making kimchi!

Really, in Korea, homes have refrigerators with places exclusively for kimchi!
I think that’s really a lie! (laughs)

I cried and chatted,
And after the meal,
I cried before I left (laughs)!!!

My friend’s younger sister
Studied Korean with Natsuki
And gave me Korean comics!

As for this, it’s a famous comic.
In Japan, it’s a comic that’s loved all over the world!

It’s the original… !!!

The younger sister wrote a message!!

When I saw this, I cried aloud…

And the younger sister started crying…

And my friend started crying…

These three women were sobbing like children. (laughs)

I guess I’m easily moved to tears. (laughs)

I’m off to eat elsewhere.
After this, I’ll post more. (^ー^)ノ

Look forward to it!

Swiftly I revealed that I went to Korea…

Is everyone surprised?!?!

N Blog (2011-04-25 19:26:57) – ‘Revival’
April 25, 2011

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(2011-04-25 19:26:57)

Good day. (*ノωノ)

It’s Nacchi. (゜▽゜)

I have stiff shoulders.

All on my right side… (-_-メ)

I have to wonder how I got them. (laughs)

Which reminds me, (゜▽゜)

Revival performances are coming. (*ノωノ)

Everyone can see all the performances until now.

What’s everyone’s favorite performance? (*ノωノ)


Particularly likes
K4th (*ノωノ)

I like the songs.

The next has my favorite unit, (*ノωノ)


It’s enjoyable.


I remember,

I’ve said it.

Now it can’t be helped that I’m frightened. (laughs)

It’s been a long time since those shows… Now I have to watch the DVDs to remember them. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Sato Natsuki!

Go for it! (゜▽゜)

N Blog (2011-04-24 18:37:42) – ‘A Photo Shoot ☆〃’
April 25, 2011

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(2011-04-24 18:37:42)


They’re popular poses now! (laughs)

I’ve named them.

“N Poses” (laughs)

Yeah (*ノωノ)

About that…


Everyone’s scores…

I think I’m better (゜▽゜)!
I had a photoshoot
And I talked with the staff.
“Look at my Smiley series.”
And they did.

Yay (*ノωノ)

Today I had that photo shoot! (*^ω^*)

I met with Moeno.

“I really like you.”

I accidentally let slip to her. (laughs)


I said a

“Lie.” (laughs)

“No, that’s a lie!! I really recommend you! My oshimen!”

I said.

“It’s a lie.”


Moeno-san turned around!! (laughs)

Today we had fun as the photo shoot ended. (*ノωノ)

My stomach is hungry…

What should I have for dinner…

I am in the mood for a long, hot bath.

At lunch, I had food from a bakery.
Being a baker is
A dream of mine… I think!

All the different breads… I’d be so happy. (*ノωノ)

Also, is melon bread and curry bread popular?

Nacchi likes French milk, too. (*ノωノ)
A little French bread is sweet. Put some butter on it.

Inside melon bread is some cream. (*ノωノ)

The inside of curry bread is filled with ingredients. (*ノωノ)

… Amazing!

Bread. I talk about it a lot! (laughs.)

The inside of bread is deep…

For dinner,

I can’t have bread

Yet again. (*ノωノ)


I’ll eat some meat and potato stew.

N Blog (2011-04-24 14:29:00) – ‘Smiley Expression’
April 25, 2011

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(2011-04-24 14:29:00)

These are some smiley faces.



Well then, it’s coming.






My eyes are doing a kind of wave motion…!?

It’s difficult…

I’ll separate them!! Straighten them with all of my power.

I’ll do it at once!! !! !! !! !! !! !!


Ahhh!! !! !! !!

… I can do it…

My eyes can make that shape…

How can

My eyes make that?


What’s the best thing to do?

Ahhh!! It’s a good thing to do.

I’m able to!

Well then…



1… !! !! !! !! !!


It’s just like this!

Written like this!! !! !!

… Now I can depend on what I can do. (laughs)

Sorry, it’s difficult. (¥▽¥)

Doing this is all spread out. (*ノωノ) (laughs)


Ahh… What (¥▽¥)

Score out of 10 do I get!? (゜▽゜)

I’ll take whatever you give me! (laughs)

N Blog (2011-04-23 14:49:16) – ‘Natsuki…(*ノωノ)’
April 25, 2011

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(2011-04-23 14:49:16)

I’m showing you what I am having in real time.

Natsuki is having the perfect pasta.

It’s the best tomato sauce with meat.

I got comments about

How many of you watched the Documentary of AKB48 DVD. (*ノωノ)

Many of you really watched it!!!

Today it was rainy and I had to change many of my plans. (゜▽゜)

Omatsu-chan-san was job-hunting this evening.
Go for it!!! Sending you power.

Hiraki-yon-san, good luck at your game tomorrow! Go for it.

Reon-san, now it’s your game!!!!
Heart beating… with all your power, fight!

Many people have games. (*ノωノ)

Everyone, go for it. (*ノωノ)


Had club activities.

Of course, she wanted to be a manager!! !! !!! (laughs)

“Hey, N, bring me a towel!”


“Hey, N, water!”


“Hey, N, towel!”


That’s how it went.

I always said it was a wild idea, but thank you for letting me do it. (laughs)

N Blog (2011-04-23 12:50:41) – ‘Swiftly!!’
April 25, 2011

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(2011-04-23 12:50:41)

Everyone, now what?

I feel like I have to know it all now.

Today I’ve really had a great day. (*^ω^*)

Everyone, how are you now? (*^ω^*)

N Blog (2011-04-22 20:48:43) – ‘Going afar… ☆〃’
April 25, 2011

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(2011-04-22 20:48:43)

It’s N in glasses!


Today there’s a rumor that I’m off to Futako Tamagawa.

No… That’s just how it goes. (*ノωノ)
It’s really old and unusual.

After school I used to go with some friends to the dry riverbed. ☆

So I have lots of memories of it.


… Perhaps I should be more open about it.

I’ve gotten into a mood. (*ノωノ)

Today I had a half bath. I decided to have one

To stay put.


Lately, I’ve talked a lot about “What country should I go to?”

Of course i want to go to Korea,
But I want to go far away…

I want to go to India!! !! !!

I want to go alone…
I feel like I would be helpless to my family if I went to India alone.

Or Switzerland.

Aren’t these nice and surprising countries!?

Everyone, what countries do you want to go to!? !?

Vietnam is good, too!! Or so I’ve heard.

Where should I go?


It’s on my mind.

N Blog (2011-04-21 15:55:38) – ‘A Little Report 〃☆’
April 21, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-04-21 15:55:38)

The image is from yesterday.

Komori, and

Took it with me. (*ノωノ)

Mariyagi is like Natsuki.

She carries the same feeling as Sashihara!!

My basis is…

How she provides the comic relief I like!


I’ve read everyone’s comments about Komori!!

You told me what movie to watch! (´゜▽゜`)


Black Swan!

Perhaps! (Laughs)

Komori said, “Nacchi-san! I want to see a ballerina movie!”

N said, “What ballerina movie?”

Komori said, “What one?… The swan one! The swan one!”

N said, “Swan? Ah! Swan Lake?”

Komori said, “No!! I’ve seen Swan Lake!! !! !! !!”

N said, “Huh? Swan Lake is at the theater?”

Komori said, “Not the theater!! A movie!”

And so that was our conversation.
I saw the comments that came in!!

It’s Black Swan. (*ノωノ)
It looks like a documentary film?

Komori and I will see it together!! !! !! (laughs)
I’ve e-mailed her… full-blown plans!

I’m nervous for a few reasons…

And here’s a little report…

Lately, every morning and night

I get on the scale…

This week I weighed myself

Against last week’s number.

I lost one kilogram!!!


My muscles have increased!!!


But it’s taken some of my spirit!! (laughs)

My muscles have increased. (N´∀`)/`

After three months, I will be like Madonna!!

… Very untrue (laughs)

My body… I will be able to reach it!! I will get rid of it all!!

At once,
I’ve taken my first step!!
Some of my muscles have increased.

And for my dancing,
I’ll be able to get less fatigued.



I met with my family.

I got to meet them. (laughs)

I got a delicious dinner from


Of course it’s good!